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Today I describe myself as a vishistaadvaitist from having a belief that harmonising with Nature as in Brahma-Nature produces the oneness that advaita non-duality considers to be the Ultimate Reality. The manifestation of the Creator within that conception results in Visishtaadvaita as a Vedanta. although there is no clear reason to believe that it involves a Personal God who I believe exists in the human psyche dormant for most part of our lives unless It decides to manifest itself once in a blue moon through interventions.

The Vishistaadvaita that I have studied allows one to reconcile all aspects of the mental struggle to attain oneness with Reality and this is performed nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly with no plans, missions, objectives, aspirations, hopes, anticipations, expectations and desires to the material sphere of existence.

When I first joined Advaita-List back around 2007, my experiences were somewhat immature in that I considered that Oneness could only be attained by direct communication with the Entity that governs the universe. Today I have proof that oneness can be over an extended period of time maintained without referral to any external Entity as it is all within the Self that is more accurately defined as the higher Self or a Consciousness that is subconscious in the actions that one takes freely and in a totally liberated manner such that one has attained liberation.

I would like to join Advaita-List again to discuss these issues and see where my conception of Vishistaadvaita differs from classical Vishistadvaita and Advaita more specifically.

My 2007 ideas were limited to Brahmanism as a way of trying to communicate with God as Brahman and was poured some degree of scorn on by members. I do hope I can convince them that it is all part of the human experience and human experiences should be shared and discussed with updated knowledge, as appropriate and necessary.

Thank you for your kind consideration to let me rejoin Advaita List.

Shantanu Panigrahi

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ADMIN: Closing thread : The True Nature of Advaita

Sundaresan, Vidyasankar (GE Infra, Water)13 years ago

PermalinkThis is a public note, in my capacity as moderator of this list, to all current participants on "The True Nature of Advaita" - please put an end to this thread immediately. The moderators (Jaldhar Vyas, Ravi Mayavaram and I) will intimate further notifications separately, if necessary.

To Dr. Panigrahi:

Please note that it is not very fruitful to take a highly combative stance with existing members of a mailing list from the day you join it. There is also no need to see a south Indian bias to things here. Just to give one example, Jaldhar Vyas, one of the moderators, who has already taken exception to some of your statements, is not a south Indian. There are many more members of the list, from around the entire world, who are silent, either out of compassion or out of non-interest in this thread and the way it is progressing.

The Advaita-L list is dedicated to discussions of the advaita vedAnta philosophical tradition. Naturally, a highly personalized and non-traditional approach like yours, based on numerology, is not going to be accepted. Please limit your posts to the list to discussions of Advaita philosophy and philosophers. Do remember that it is not necessary to fill everyone's email inbox with details of events in your daily life. We are all, in our own ways, trying to live our lives according to the teachings of our philosophy. If we started writing it all down in emails to this list, the result can only be chaos.

To everyone else: please resist the temptation to respond immediately to new posts in this thread. We can afford to be a little more forgiving of other people's faults, real and perceived.

A little Christmas spirit never hurt anyone (I didn't think I'd ever say this on this list! :-) )

Vidyasankar Sundaresan

Moderator, Advaita-L


[Advaita-l] The True Nature of Advaita

Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at

Sun Dec 21 19:46:59 CST 2008

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Miles to go before you sleep; miles to go before you sleep.

I thought it was only the last Prophet who conversed with God.



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21 December 2008

Dear Sir

Advaita - the non-dual nature of human existence; the true Nature of Advaita

1. The practice of advaita is a the highest form of worship that was found by Hindus. There are various theories on what it is and to what extent it can be practised without the aid of mechanical tools. Dr Panigrahi searched for Advice and Guidance from God from around year 2000 after studying numerology which led to an agreement with God that 3, 6 and 9 were divine numbers and 2,4 and 8 were evil numbers to be avoided, with the Number 7 being Almighty Divine God Himself.

2. Detailed studies followed for years during which Dr Panigrahi submitted to the will of God by checking his actions on all important incidents by digital clock checking of his actions and thoughts: If he had a question he would take it to one of the digital clocks in the house when he did not know the time and if the clock numbers added up to a 3 (eg 1.11pm), or 6 (eg 3.21 am) or 9 (eg 14.22 hrs) it would mean Positive or do a certain act, and if they added to 1 (1.00 am), 2 (eg 1.10 am) or 4 (eg 18.22 hrs) 5 (eg 2.30 pm) or 8 (eg 3.41pm) it would mean Negative (do not do a particular act). It meant that the mind had been given totally to God to take over the reigns of the body and ensure that by the time he decided to go to a clock with a question God would have acted on him with perfect timing knowing he would be doing this and so ensure that when he reached the clock he would see the correct answer to the question. As he wrote in the 'Allurement of Reality' document available through his website, it was a mind blowing exercise at its peak but he was determined to go through it in a bid to find out the truth about Advaita.

3. Through Advaita clock checking Dr Panigrahi entered into discussions with God on all aspects of life on earth, including on the origin of the universe, global warming, Fusion and Fission Nuclear Energy, religions and on humanity to find out for example who were top historical human beings that had led good lives from His estimation. He had also been prompted into actions, as for example on the lodging of the court case at the Royal Courts of Justice London in Spring of 2007 concerning the Iraq adventure of the UK Government (every part of those document submitted was taken down by him as a dictation from God).

However he was also keen to maintain a distance from God so as to protect His Good Name for he saw that he was dealing with very evil human beings and was using tactics of warfare to clear his path forward. Dr Panigrahi therefore took independent decisions when he needed to search for answers of particular interest, namely on the documents he sent to the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi on a Public Interest Litigation case lodged against the Government of India for refusing to return his Indian citizenship.

4. With God's blessing every step of the way Dr Panigrahi created the Union of Petrol Station Workers which started off as a trades union but blossomed into the UnionofPetrolStationWorkers.Com Foundation for World Development with its


Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane


Near Gillingham

Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1634 379604



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[Advaita-l] The True Nature of Advaita

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Mon Dec 22 00:31:43 CST 2008

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