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Advaita and Satya-advaita in Brahmanism

Posted on June 8, 2014 by shantanup

The true nature of advaita as I have experienced was met with considerable scepticism and hostility by Advaita List in 2008 and I was banned from the forum following the narration of my experiences. To get a good idea of what the advaita I discovered is the reader is referred to the relevant pages in the following link: From that use of the divine (3,6, and 9) and evil (1,2,4,5 and 8) numbers, I have since tested the use of a single positive number of ‘7’ with the rest being negative to rediscover God and achieve great things this year in my personal life ( But I know that God forced me to discontinue with this process of surrendering to His will. And I have continued to live a pleasant life since 18 May 2014 that this break took place and have fulfilled all my material objectives without fail. For this reason it now dawns on me that one needs to make a clear distinction between advaita and satya-advaita in the practice of Brahmanism.

The advaita given as my post ‘True Nature of Advaita’ (which can be googled) is a component of Brahmanism in which one is continuously in search of guidance from God in total devotion to the God-Entity. For anyone wishing to practice Brahmanism, that is, total surrender to the will of God, the process of clock-checking of one’s actions needs to be followed. When I examine my yoga over the past 10-15 years it is clear to me that this process is absolutely necessary for it is the only means by which one can actually acquire proof of the existence of God for oneself. Without this proof, knowledge is not going to be complete under any circumstances and one’s understanding of life can therefore never be relied upon. One will live in uncertainty. It is only by travelling with God through this form of advaita that one acquires pristine reliable knowledge. But God Himself will make it clear (it is evident from my case) that such an advaitic-component of Brahmanism will never be a permanent thing for He does not wish humans to live to that high level of union for very long being unsustainable for a human being. There will be times when God will not cooperate. He might not give proof of his existence to every person. One needs to be devoted and persistent with ones Brahmanism to find proof of God through this form of advaita. But Brahmanism is also practiced without advaita in which one has faith and devotion to God as truth-incarnate with complete reliance on the infallibility of the truth-consciousness mechanism. This still counts as following his divine advice and guidance.

One has to be utterly devoted to truth and this brings one to go down the path of advaita and Brahmanism. The truth path is termed satya-advaita or truth accommodation. This is pure religion and totally blessed by God as the overseer of a person’s endeavours silently. Every action that a person is engaged in must be geared to seeking and exposing the truth and accommodating oneself within the truth that emerges. There must be no loose ends in one’s involvements no matter how tiny and mundane the engagement might be. The feeling of having dealt with all ones involvements in the true spirit of dedication to truth generates great peace of mind and fearless living. One even tends to forget about God except for brief moments of acknowledgement and worship, but one does act on signs that suggest that He may still be protecting the devotee in various ways. One has been weaned off advaitic-Brahmanism because there is nothing further that it can teach one or benefit one for its purpose is to acquire or bestow satisfaction in the devotee’s mind of his or her evidence of the existence of a personal God. Following this phase, daily acknowledgement and worship of God through pranmans may not take place at a great frequency because it stops being meaningful in the same way as advaitic-Brahmanism was for determining proof of God by examining the survival and living strategies that it generates. In advaita-free Brahmanism God is still worshipped but life proceeds through the worship truth in the form of satya-advaita. One lives one’s life as a normal human being but in dedication to truth. One is therefore relatively free of God having already realised his existence through the advaitic mechanism of Brahmanism.

I use the term Brahmanism because Brahman means the entity underlying the universe with which an advaitist wants to be indistinguishable with. When surrendering or looking up to God in devotion as that entity of the universe for one’s daily chores through advaita one is practising extreme Brahmanism in a bid to try and force God out into the open and into ones life by equating God with truth through what Hindus have described as achintya bheda abheda tatwa. The path is devotion (bhakti)-based and so is the post-realisation phase in which God reverts to being just Brahman without the personal attendance to the devotee. This results in the devotee’s total independence, with God being assumed to be protecting him or her only through satya-advaita.

26 July 2014 Update: I returned to advaitic clock checking several times since 18 May 2014 when I felt desperately in need of having my thoughts checked by God before acting and looking for messages from Him in case I needed to act urgently in a particular way when dealing with very tricky situations. God did come and help me again and again when I needed him to do so. But today I feel that I have come to the end of my mission as I do not wish to write any more new blogs and tweets unless I need to from requests or prompts by others. So I am once again terminating clock checking of my actions and going on to satya-advaitic mode of living this time on my own free will to live like a free man, free of my attachment of Him. 19.48 hours British Summer Time.

29 January 2015 Update I have today realised that the title of this blogpost and contents contain an error: the advaitic clock-checking method that I have described is not part of Brahmanism (see: but of the transcending of gunas to go directly to God (Sri Krishna) for knowledge.

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