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Benny P John exposed by Swami Shantananda.

Benny P John exposed by Swami Shantananda.


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <> via


date: 26 Mar 2022, 20:43

subject: Benny P John exposed by Swami Shantananda.


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Dear Benny Pee

I got a reliable tip-off from the judicial authorities that you are an idiot and an embezzler, practising law with a deficient licence, and making dirty money as a go-between with junior lawyers like Hodge encouraging your unknowing victims to engage in expensive fruitless proceedings which

will only prove ruinous to their Santander Bank Balances and their mental health. You may also have links with organised crime. The Law Society, Bar Standards Board, Solicitors Regulation Authority etc have never heard of you and the only mentions of you or your firm on the internet are in your own boastful buccaneering website. You cannot even write in grammatical or sensible language "Our teams cross-check all your online business terms and conditions, whether safe from unharmful attack or not." You have no "teams", Mr Hodge inadvertently revealed you are a lone operator or loan operator.

Is this true? If you do not reply satisfactorily within 24 hours, I will fire you and this careless fool Hodge and instead accept the offer from the leading lawyers Mr Salmaan R. Islam of North Ford Solicitors and Ms Lauren Cullen and Mr Paul Reddy of Slater Gordon Solicitors who cautioned me about dealing with disreputable firms like Nexa and Johnslawpartners operating on the margins of what is lawful.

In the interim, I reported 07791955977, 02075047071 and 01691779307 to Action Fraud and the Office of the Information Commissioner for attempted extortion and other fraudulent activity.

How unprofessional is this Junior, Hodge, can be judged because he insults his potential victim/client as a 'Piece Of Sh**'(POS), his Nexa logo filename is 'Nexa-Law-Logo-Landscape-RGB-POS'

I will be blogging all of these outrageous terrorist attacks on my person so no longer will you Benny Pee John be able to operate under the radar inveigling surfers.

As I wrote to Mr Salmaan Israel on 23 March at 1.22pm, "I was waiting to see if I would hear from Slater and Gordon or this fellow by the name of John (very disreputable as it turned out) before responding to your email." I blogged this too and reported it to District Judge Lightman and Mr Justice Nick Parfitt.

You will eventually understand how a Master Escapologist in Vishista-advaita Sampradaya Lingamraj is still able to live nonchalantly in liberty within the samsara yet attained through spirituality alone, but there will be a large financial cost to you. Is that understood sufficiently? I will next address the matter of compensation you need to pay me.

Yours sincerely

Gyani Dr Shantanu Panigrahi,

effective Swami Shuntanus since 5.00pm on 20 March

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07720094986 or 07967789619

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