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Correspondence with Monneka Tahir concerning the Legal Ombudsman

The solicitor Monneka Tahir offered to help me with legal representation, as follows:

CMP-069454 ABC:00481369 (4) Shan Panigrahi To Monneka Tahir 22 Dec 2017 at 14:41

Dear Monneka

1. The Legal Ombudsman has engaged in criminal activity against me with regard to the processing of a complaint that was referred to the Legal Ombudsman for investigation by the City of London Police. Hence this email was copied to you for information.

2. I fully understand that when you receive any correspondence from the home office in relation to my matter, you will take the appropriate action in light of the complaint outlined in paragraph 1.

3. I hope this explains why I copied the email to you as my solicitor under instructions, as agreed here:

Monneka Tahir To 11 Dec at 11:28 AM Dear Shaitanu L.Panigrahi,

Thank you for your email.

We would gladly be of assistance. To assist us in dealing with your matter please can you forward us correspondence you have received from the Home Office in relation to your UK Citizenship being revoked.

Kind regards

Monneka Tahir |

4. If you have any further questions on my Case submission to the Court of Appeal please let me know.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

On Friday, 22 December 2017, 14:26, Monneka Tahir wrote:

Dear Mr Panigrahi,

Please clarify the email below as I am unsure why I have been copied into it.

As explained previously, we have not received any correspondence from the home office in relation to your matter.

We currently do not represent you in any of your legal matters and we cannot consider doing so until we have sight of your documents.

Kind regards

Monneka Tahir | Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP p: 0113 216 5507 f: 0113 216 5508 a: Fryers House, 146 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LU w: e: *Please do not print this email unless you need it. Consider the environment

The information contained within this e-mail is strictly confidential and privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this e-mail in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing, or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited. If you have received this in error, please reply to this e-mail letting us know you have received it. Please then delete this e-mail immediately.

The views and opinions expressed in this email are personal to the sender and do not represent the positions and policies of Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP. Although this e-mail and its attachments have been screened and are believed to be free from any virus, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure

On 22 Dec 2017, at 14:15, Shan Panigrahi wrote:




Monneka Tahir Dear Mr Holloway

1. I am still waiting for clarification from the Home Office on whether my UK passport is valid to be travelling on, and will reserve my complaint to the Legal Ombudsman pending the resolution of this important matter.

2. Can you wait that long, or do you need to investigate right away?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

On Friday, 22 December 2017, 7:39, Enquiries wrote:

Dear Dr Panigrahi

Thank you for your email which I received yesterday.

I would just like to remind you that we cannot assess your complaint or begin any investigation until you have raised your complaint with your solicitor.

I would refer you to my previous emails which explain our process.

If you have already complained to your solicitor I will need you to provide.

A copy of the complaint which you sent to your solicitor. A copy of your solicitor’s response to your complaint. If you have not received a response you will need to provide evidence that your solicitor received your complaint. This can be a letter of acknowledgement from your solicitor or a proof of delivery receipt issued by the post office. I shall also need you to complete the attached complaint form.

If you have not already complained to your solicitor I have attached a template example letter showing how to complain to your solicitor along with more details of the complaints process.

Please see the attached documents for more details.


Steve Holloway Assessor

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Question posed: Has there already been a judgment rendered in this civil matter

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December 25, 2017 - Posted by shantanup | Uncategorized


1. So, what will you do now? Your solicitor needs documents sent to you by the Home Office in relation to your citizenship. You can’t, as there are none, as the only place this threat to your citizenship has existed has been in your unbalance mind. You’ve now brought the real world into your email-chain fantasies.

Comment by Thomas Jones | December 27, 2017 | Reply

o Thomas

1. You are right that my solicitor is looking into this matter. I wrote to her on 23 December 2017 to see the Judge in Chambers, as follows:

By putting everything into your blog (3) Shan Panigrahi To Monneka Tahir 23 Dec 2017 at 12:00

To Monneka Tahir Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP p: 0113 216 5507 f: 0113 216 5508 a: Fryers House, 146 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LU w: e:

Dear Monneka

Can you travel to Manchester and register this application? I got a failure to deliver the email so cannot utlise the offer to have my concerns put to the Judge in Chambers.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL

On Saturday, 23 December 2017, 11:43, Shan Panigrahi wrote:

Dear Sir

Please give me the phone number to use for contact.


Shantanu Panigrahi

On Saturday, 23 December 2017, 5:39, Anonymous wrote:

By putting everything into your blog you are playing into their hands. Amazing, you can’t see that. You think you are being clever. Your way, they know what you are planning. Collusion -By accident or design your enemies in government, justice, police, NHS are now so numerous and there is so much collusion that almost anything could happen with you. I don’t know who is genuine, who is not. I know I am genuine. You are lone fighter, even wife says you are mad, but I salute you. This is why, I try to help you. But it so tough, because you will not let it happen. If you travel to Manchester and visit our office at the court building, it is possible to get an appointment. With a judge in chambers who is sympathetic and believes what you have been subjected to since 1990’s, anything is possible. Why are they claiming you were naturalised only 1982? What did look up says 1972. Is there a reason for this? There is some hidden reason. If I give you a phone number to use for contact, how can I trust you not to blunder like a fool and put it in your blog? See who is your own worst enemy? She is in the mirror.

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2. I am sure Monneka Tahir has rejected the judge’s advice to her not to take me on as a client.

Comment by shantanup | December 27, 2017 | Reply

§ but Monneka Tahir is not representing you because you have not provided their office with the documnt they requested and will not until you do. That is quite clear from the correspondence you cite. IN addition, once they find out you are publishing their communications on this blog they will most likely drop you like a hot potatoe. They may even sue you for damages.

I wonder of they can have you committed? It’s really only a matter of time, you know.

Comment by The ORIGINAL devi8 | December 30, 2017

§ I am waiting for my appointment with a Judge in Chambers according to this notification that I have received:

Shantanu 5765189 Anonymous Remailer (austria) To 29 Dec at 2:12 AM

Mate, forgive me for using the anogateway, I dont want any hassles. Suggest you google for Shantanu 5765189 , see what you find. I closed the thread, like couple months back , but this time did not delete it because it is fair comment. We dont allow anoposting onsite. When we looked up the IP it was from a fixed IP source in Gtr Man. The self-proclaimed “leading compensation lawyers” in the world!!! Another A deleted the names – of the other aggrieved persons, this man has put all our email addresses, phone numbers etc on that blog) of persons who Shantanu Panigrahi is suing, considering or threatening to sue, calling for the police to arrest or filing official or other complaints about – ESTIMATED No. 230, but I make it 250) H.M. Queen (dethronement proceedings, not suing due to alleged immunity) Bar Standards Commission Arkas Law Ltd Mr Nikesh Sharma, Solicitor Article-1 Chambers (specified members) Barristers Direct LLC Mr Rik Kalsi and family Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors (pending) The Court of Appeal Mrs Angela Wright, The Cabinet Office Mr Narendra Singh Ahluwalia LLB, Advocate Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP, Attorney General Miss Tenzila Araein, Case Progression Officer, QB RCJ John Stenhouse, Barrister Detective Inspector 46010977 Lee Nieles Dugdale Solicitors Mr David Jenkins @ QB Enquiries, The Royal Courts of Justice Mr Paul R. Reddy, Practice Manager, S&G Solicitors Mr John Howarth MEP The Radcliffe School Ms Ariadne Cottrell-Tomlin, The Employment Tribunal Office Shri Narendra Modi, P.M. of Republic of India Mr Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Mr David Currie @ Scotland Yard and Fixed Penalty Office Independent Police Complaints Commission Room E503 at High Court (all occupants during 2013-17) Mrs Debra Kemp, Legal Executive, Kent Police Office of Immigration Services PC 13753 The Solicitors Regulation Authority Stephens & Sons, Solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court at Den Haag PC 13686 The estate of the late Mr S. Lewcock (deceased) Dr Jagdeesh Arora, KAWAD Mr Michael Parker, Solicitor The Chancellor and Bursar, University of Greenwich The Office Manager, UK Visas and Immigration The Council of Europe PO 58161 ‘Danielle’ (Kent, refused to give surname) Liberal Democrats Party and its officers Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent Mr George Sorrell, Oncologist The Chief Constable, City of London Police Mr Nkomi Debrah, Queen’s Bench Issue Dept, HMCTS Ms Mary Shanahan, officer of ACAS Essex Police The European Court of Human Rights Miss S Farid at the High Court (for refusal to give full name) Mrs Joyce Darling of UoG (known in 2003 as ‘The B!tch’) Kent Police County Solicitors Mr Asif Khan, Judgment Clerk, Medway Alexander Barristers Chambers Highways Agency The Cabinet Office Medway Towns Council Slater and Gordon Lawyers Shell Petroleum P.L.C. Ms Laura Slater CCA IPCC Shell Franchise Services PC Kenan Mehmet (City of London Police) Clearly Business Solutions Limited Egregious_C, an anonymous, racist agent of the British state The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency Wordpress Inc. and subsidiaries Miss Christine Powell of HMPO Mrs Rosemary Gannon and those she telephoned in April 2017 Detective Inspector M Matson Administrators and readers of Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Board Authorhouse LLC H.M.Passport Office Government of Pakistan Parliamentary Standards Commission Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman Master Eastman at the High Court Queen’s Bench division Dr Mieras, British Poultry Science BUPA The entire