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Correspondence with Monneka Tahir concerning the Legal Ombudsman

The solicitor Monneka Tahir offered to help me with legal representation, as follows:

CMP-069454 ABC:00481369 (4) Shan Panigrahi To Monneka Tahir 22 Dec 2017 at 14:41

Dear Monneka

1. The Legal Ombudsman has engaged in criminal activity against me with regard to the processing of a complaint that was referred to the Legal Ombudsman for investigation by the City of London Police. Hence this email was copied to you for information.

2. I fully understand that when you receive any correspondence from the home office in relation to my matter, you will take the appropriate action in light of the complaint outlined in paragraph 1.

3. I hope this explains why I copied the email to you as my solicitor under instructions, as agreed here:

Monneka Tahir To 11 Dec at 11:28 AM Dear Shaitanu L.Panigrahi,

Thank you for your email.

We would gladly be of assistance. To assist us in dealing with your matter please can you forward us correspondence you have received from the Home Office in relation to your UK Citizenship being revoked.

Kind regards

Monneka Tahir |

4. If you have any further questions on my Case submission to the Court of Appeal please let me know.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

On Friday, 22 December 2017, 14:26, Monneka Tahir wrote:

Dear Mr Panigrahi,

Please clarify the email below as I am unsure why I have been copied into it.

As explained previously, we have not received any correspondence from the home office in relation to your matter.

We currently do not represent you in any of your legal matters and we cannot consider doing so until we have sight of your documents.

Kind regards

Monneka Tahir | Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP p: 0113 216 5507 f: 0113 216 5508 a: Fryers House, 146 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LU w: e: *Please do not print this email unless you need it. Consider the environment

The information contained within this e-mail is strictly confidential and privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this e-mail in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing, or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited. If you have received this in error, please reply to this e-mail letting us know you have received it. Please then delete this e-mail immediately.

The views and opinions expressed in this email are personal to the sender and do not represent the positions and policies of Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP. Although this e-mail and its attachments have been screened and are believed to be free from any virus, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure

On 22 Dec 2017, at 14:15, Shan Panigrahi wrote:




Monneka Tahir Dear Mr Holloway

1. I am still waiting for clarification from the Home Office on whether my UK passport is valid to be travelling on, and will reserve my complaint to the Legal Ombudsman pending the resolution of this important matter.

2. Can you wait that long, or do you need to investigate right away?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

On Friday, 22 December 2017, 7:39, Enquiries wrote:

Dear Dr Panigrahi

Thank you for your email which I received yesterday.

I would just like to remind you that we cannot assess your complaint or begin any investigation until you have raised your complaint with your solicitor.

I would refer you to my previous emails which explain our process.

If you have already complained to your solicitor I will need you to provide.

A copy of the complaint which you sent to your solicitor. A copy of your solicitor’s response to your complaint. If you have not received a response you will need to provide evidence that your solicitor received your complaint. This can be a letter of acknowledgement from your solicitor or a proof of delivery receipt issued by the post office. I shall also need you to complete the attached complaint form.

If you have not already complained to your solicitor I have attached a template example letter showing how to complain to your solicitor along with more details of the complaints process.

Please see the attached documents for more details.


Steve Holloway Assessor

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Question posed: Has there already been a judgment rendered in this civil matter

Proceedings at the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner terminatedWith 2 comments

Reporting the latest crimes committed against me to Kent PoliceWith 12 comments

December 25, 2017 - Posted by shantanup | Uncategorized


1. So, what will you do now? Your solicitor needs documents sent to you by the Home Office in relation to your citizenship. You can’t, as there are none, as the only place this threat to your citizenship has existed has been in your unbalance mind. You’ve now brought the real world into your email-chain fantasies.

Comment by Thomas Jones | December 27, 2017 | Reply

o Thomas

1. You are right that my solicitor is looking into this matter. I wrote to her on 23 December 2017 to see the Judge in Chambers, as follows:

By putting everything into your blog (3) Shan Panigrahi To Monneka Tahir 23 Dec 2017 at 12:00

To Monneka Tahir Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP p: 0113 216 5507 f: 0113 216 5508 a: Fryers House, 146 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LU w: e:

Dear Monneka

Can you travel to Manchester and register this application? I got a failure to deliver the email so cannot utlise the offer to have my concerns put to the Judge in Chambers.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL

On Saturday, 23 December 2017, 11:43, Shan Panigrahi wrote:

Dear Sir

Please give me the phone number to use for contact.


Shantanu Panigrahi

On Saturday, 23 December 2017, 5:39, Anonymous wrote:

By putting everything into your blog you are playing into their hands. Amazing, you can’t see that. You think you are being clever. Your way, they know what you are planning. Collusion -By accident or design your enemies in government, justice, police, NHS are now so numerous and there is so much collusion that almost anything could happen with you. I don’t know who is genuine, who is not. I know I am genuine. You are lone fighter, even wife says you are mad, but I salute you. This is why, I try to help you. But it so tough, because you will not let it happen. If you travel to Manchester and visit our office at the court building, it is possible to get an appointment. With a judge in chambers who is sympathetic and believes what you have been subjected to since 1990’s, anything is possible. Why are they claiming you were naturalised only 1982? What did look up says 1972. Is there a reason for this? There is some hidden reason. If I give you a phone number to use for contact, how can I trust you not to blunder like a fool and put it in your blog? See who is your own worst enemy? She is in the mirror.

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2. I am sure Monneka Tahir has rejected the judge’s advice to her not to take me on as a client.

Comment by shantanup | December 27, 2017 | Reply

§ but Monneka Tahir is not representing you because you have not provided their office with the documnt they requested and will not until you do. That is quite clear from the correspondence you cite. IN addition, once they find out you are publishing their communications on this blog they will most likely drop you like a hot potatoe. They may even sue you for damages.

I wonder of they can have you committed? It’s really only a matter of time, you know.

Comment by The ORIGINAL devi8 | December 30, 2017

§ I am waiting for my appointment with a Judge in Chambers according to this notification that I have received:

Shantanu 5765189 Anonymous Remailer (austria) To 29 Dec at 2:12 AM

Mate, forgive me for using the anogateway, I dont want any hassles. Suggest you google for Shantanu 5765189 , see what you find. I closed the thread, like couple months back , but this time did not delete it because it is fair comment. We dont allow anoposting onsite. When we looked up the IP it was from a fixed IP source in Gtr Man. The self-proclaimed “leading compensation lawyers” in the world!!! Another A deleted the names – of the other aggrieved persons, this man has put all our email addresses, phone numbers etc on that blog) of persons who Shantanu Panigrahi is suing, considering or threatening to sue, calling for the police to arrest or filing official or other complaints about – ESTIMATED No. 230, but I make it 250) H.M. Queen (dethronement proceedings, not suing due to alleged immunity) Bar Standards Commission Arkas Law Ltd Mr Nikesh Sharma, Solicitor Article-1 Chambers (specified members) Barristers Direct LLC Mr Rik Kalsi and family Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors (pending) The Court of Appeal Mrs Angela Wright, The Cabinet Office Mr Narendra Singh Ahluwalia LLB, Advocate Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP, Attorney General Miss Tenzila Araein, Case Progression Officer, QB RCJ John Stenhouse, Barrister Detective Inspector 46010977 Lee Nieles Dugdale Solicitors Mr David Jenkins @ QB Enquiries, The Royal Courts of Justice Mr Paul R. Reddy, Practice Manager, S&G Solicitors Mr John Howarth MEP The Radcliffe School Ms Ariadne Cottrell-Tomlin, The Employment Tribunal Office Shri Narendra Modi, P.M. of Republic of India Mr Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Mr David Currie @ Scotland Yard and Fixed Penalty Office Independent Police Complaints Commission Room E503 at High Court (all occupants during 2013-17) Mrs Debra Kemp, Legal Executive, Kent Police Office of Immigration Services PC 13753 The Solicitors Regulation Authority Stephens & Sons, Solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court at Den Haag PC 13686 The estate of the late Mr S. Lewcock (deceased) Dr Jagdeesh Arora, KAWAD Mr Michael Parker, Solicitor The Chancellor and Bursar, University of Greenwich The Office Manager, UK Visas and Immigration The Council of Europe PO 58161 ‘Danielle’ (Kent, refused to give surname) Liberal Democrats Party and its officers Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent Mr George Sorrell, Oncologist The Chief Constable, City of London Police Mr Nkomi Debrah, Queen’s Bench Issue Dept, HMCTS Ms Mary Shanahan, officer of ACAS Essex Police The European Court of Human Rights Miss S Farid at the High Court (for refusal to give full name) Mrs Joyce Darling of UoG (known in 2003 as ‘The B!tch’) Kent Police County Solicitors Mr Asif Khan, Judgment Clerk, Medway Alexander Barristers Chambers Highways Agency The Cabinet Office Medway Towns Council Slater and Gordon Lawyers Shell Petroleum P.L.C. Ms Laura Slater CCA IPCC Shell Franchise Services PC Kenan Mehmet (City of London Police) Clearly Business Solutions Limited Egregious_C, an anonymous, racist agent of the British state The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency Wordpress Inc. and subsidiaries Miss Christine Powell of HMPO Mrs Rosemary Gannon and those she telephoned in April 2017 Detective Inspector M Matson Administrators and readers of Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Board Authorhouse LLC H.M.Passport Office Government of Pakistan Parliamentary Standards Commission Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman Master Eastman at the High Court Queen’s Bench division Dr Mieras, British Poultry Science BUPA The entire bench of the Supreme Court (serving at July 2016) Detective Constable 11338 Gibbins Mr Justice Hildebrand Mrs Susan ‘Sue Everyone’ Brady. Maidstone Crown Court Dr Shivaji Panesar of New Delhi Dover Institute for the Criminally Insane Tassells Solicitors GoDaddy, Inc. The United Nations, New York, NY 11001 (Refugees Section) The Rt Hon. The Lord Tugendhat Mr E.B.Oguntona, M.Sc. (Biology) Leader of the Opposition, Mr Jeremy Corbyn Atos Healthcare plc UNESCO Fosters Law Speaker of the House of Commons 7 (seven) Medway councillors (see attachment) M Katani & Co. The Sexual Health Advisory Board, Bury St. Edmunds Furley Page Solicitors-at-law Mrs (?) Rehman Chishti MP Mr Nic Gould Google, Inc. Olympia Publishers Vice-Chancellor Professor D. Fussey ELS Law and associates Malcolm Dodds, Maidstone County Court Ms Selma Mafouz a.k.a. Sarah Mahfouz Mr Martin Daniels Board of Governors at Barnsole Primary school Ms Lutomi Kasumu Beckett Solicitors LLP Miss Nic Gibson, Civil & Enforcement Section, Kent Court Barnsole Primary school The English Democrats ABM Solicitors Immigration Law Practitioners Association RLegal Solicitors (trading name) The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants Labour Party Barclays Bank UK Independence Party Mrs Deborah Bean, Buckingham Palace Chief Correspondence Officer Health Service Ombudsman Wigmore NHS Practice, Gillingham The Sertraline Abuse Society Dr Sudhir Patel MD Mrs Rashmi Panigrahi OTS Solicitors Miss Lola Ogunsiji, Queens Bench Division Deputy High Court Judge Kennedy QC, Lewes Appeal Centre Mr Rowan Atkinson Dr Rakesh Patel MD The Rt. Hon’ble Anthony Blair The Inventors of Cannabis Mr Iain McNicol Absolute Barrister Mr Dorian Mattar Dr (Miss) Bindas Yogendran Medway Maritime Hospital Dr (Mrs) Patel at Wigmore NHS Centre Mr Kashif Irfan MSc Ms Natasha Spreadborough Ms Anna Turnbull Walker, Matron Willow Suite (Secure Unit) of Littlebrook Hospital, Dartford Ms Janine Hudson (Mental Health Social Worker) Dr Isaac Sundeep, ”a professional sadist” (??) The ‘Secular Cafe’ web forum and its Moderators Dr Pinakin Patel MD Ms/Mrs Gill Banister British Gas plc Duty Judge’s assistant Mr J. Sherwood Mr Andrew Ling Deputy District Judge P. Hukwit Morling Mr Mark Amos, NHS Deputy Ward Manager Ms Angela McNab French Refugee Organisation (OFPRA) ACAS (Arbitration Conciliation and Advisory Service) (Office of) Clerk to Kent Justices Mental Health Tribunal Walter H Steffan, a resident of Delaware, USA Miss Kelly Mills Ms Shaiqa Shaffi, Solicitor Detective Chief Superintendent John Molloy Mr John Hebden, Registry Staff Manager, Civil Appeals Office Ms Joss Macdonald (Mr after gender reassignment) Dr Adoko Emezie, MD (psychiatry) Rajvir Bath, Investigator, Legal Ombudsman Office of Immigration Services Commissioner Scarboro Ward of the Arundel Secure Unit of William Harvey Hospital, Ashford The Rev. Thomas Jones of Pontypridd and Washington Mr Hans Sok Appadu LLB LLM of OTS Solicitors Matrix Chambers, Barristers, London Ms Sanchia Wheeler, Solicitor Port of Dover Police Mrs Elizabeth Smith, Paralegal at the Legal Ombudsman Office Mrs Patricia Moore, Court Officer Ms Sheila Beaumont, suspected lady of the night Ms Mary Shanahan, Duty Cover Team London, Eastern & Southern ET Mr Mathias Gillmann, office address in Geneva The Governor and staff of H.M.P. Pentonville 3 unidentified gendarmes, one with moustache, Le Havre (2006) Mr Stuart Morley (brother of the DDC) Mr Alan Higgins The Citizens Advice Bureau, Goring-by-Sea Mr Julius Erie Kaneko, location unknown but an employee of the UN Patrick Hands, domiciled in Minnesota Mr Kevin Eaves Miss Megan Morris at the Independent Police Complaints Commission Judge Kurrein at the High Court of Chancery Gherson Solicitors Mr Mike Fuller Prince Harry Windsor (”illegitimate”) Mr Graham Cotton and Mrs W. Lash of Medway County Court The Law Society ‘Guru’ Jaspreet Bhatti, Solicitor’s Clerk Mr Stephen Keith, QB Issue & Enquiries Detective Sergeant Philip Harrison (Kent Police) Mrs Alejandra Bernal, Case Progression Officer at RCJ The Judges and Administrators of the International Criminal Court Miss Fareeha or Fareeda Ayyaz, lady has two names Mrs Caroline Wilson at the IPCC OIC of Fees Office, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London Freedom of Information assessment unit, Home Office Mr Jeremy Corbyn, in his capacity as Leader of the Labour Party Mr Adam Derek Lillis Department of Social Security ‘Cherie’ (surname unknown, barrister) Ms Sarah Dobson Mr Daniel Jackson, Trainee Solicitor Ms Kerry Vant Personal Secretary to H.M. the Queen Mr Ed Mellor QC Mrs Hillary Clinton Administration, staff and some students at the University of Leeds Extradition section of the Foreign Office or DPP The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund PC Wilkins of Bury St Edmunds constabulary Mr Nigel Farage MEP Banks Kelly Solicitors Mrs May Parsons Mr Mohammed Khan Bakhri, M.Sc.(Econ. Hons) of PHC London Ms Sarah Mason Mrs Elizabeth Findlay, Senior Counsel Ms Sonia Farrow, Team Leader, North Kent Magistrates Court Miss Nadia Hussain (spelling may vary) Mr Adam Price Mr Philip Fitchett, Medway SJU (Courts Section) Ms Susan Cooke and adult family Mr Faisal Majid and 4 (four) John Doe TSMH personnel The Directors of Temple Farm Ltd (but not the company) 2016 members of the First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health), Leicester Miss Fahm!da Yasmin, Master’s Support Unit, Queen’s Bench The Employment Tribunal (Ashford) Mr Christopher Womack, JP The false Nick Clegg (”impostor”) Professor Dyson Wills, University of Greenwich ChristineES (Tiggerism), a pseudonym of a criminal Ms Mary Appiah-Ampofo State Government of Orissa, India, ”for processing his asylum application” J.Shukla & Co. Chartered Surveyors Managing Director, British Society of Animal Science Editor-in-chief, British Poultry Science Journal Capsticks Solicitors LLP World Poultry Science Association (UK Branch, incorporated) Mr Paul Clark, MP (ret’d) Mrs R Newton, Tribunal Office (Employment) Dr D Thomas, address unknown The Constitutuency Labour Party (CLP) of Gillingham and Rainham Mr Rod Bowen Shah and Co. Certified Accountants All those working in the HR Department of the University of Greenwich in 2001-3 PC (?) Janet Chipperfield, Prosecution Officer (Kent) Mr Richard Mathewman Miss A Billinge, Listing Office Staff Manager, Court of Appeal Mr Derek Russell Iain Flash Gordon Enterprises Ltd, in liquidation The Green Party Mrs Jane Mcneil, HMCTS employee Mr Ross Kitley (‘nee’ Clarke) Miss Monneka Tahir, Trainee Solicitor h.t.h. Reply Reply to All Forward More

Comment by shantanup | December 30, 2017

2. Wow, that’s a lot of people to sue, or threaten to sue. Is this accurate? And this Rehman Panagrahi listed there – is this person related to you? And are you really trying to sue the “Inventors of Cannabis”?

Comment by The ORIGINAL devi8 | January 1, 2018 | Reply

o I have no idea who drafted this notice of the potential people and institutions that are parties to the litigation under Appeal at the Court of Appeal: I believed that lawyers at the Court of Appeal drafted and then chanelled it to me through an anonymous email account in response to my 26 December 2017, 21.27 pm email that contained a somewhat different list seemingly issued by a judge somewhere in the UK.

Your will therefore note that Miss Monneka Tahir does not have a leg to stand on if she is thinking of suing me for damages.

Comment by shantanup | January 2, 2018 | Reply

3. It doesn’t maytter to me who drafted the list. From a cursory read of your blog it seems at least plausible that you have threatened to sue that many people. What I want to know, from you, the alledged litigant, is this list accurate? Have you really threatened legal action against all those people or concerns?

But the Queen? Your wife? The Inventor of Cannabis?

I can see from your blog that you have yet to actually file a law suit against anyone. You seem advbrse to retaining counsel or going to court and are more interested in the impossibility of a court offering you summary justice without due process.

And I also don’t care about Ms. Tahir.

Comment by devi8 | January 3, 2018 | Reply

o The Appeal at the Court of Appeal concerns an Appeal on a decision on High Court Claim No HQ17X01773. That Claim will not go away. As to how this Claim for damages and compensation of at least £5 million is to be apportioned among respondent parties my lawyer is responsible for these details. As soon has he informs me I will post the details for your interest.

Incidentally, I have a new lawyer now working on this Case for me, not Miss Monneka Tahir. This new lawyer was arranged for me by ‘Cherie’ – see here:

Comment by shantanup | January 3, 2018 | Reply

§ That post is almost a month old, and, unless you signed agreements for a firm/solicitor to represent you, there is no one representing you. I think this “Cherie” is playing with you.

Did you publicly renounce your British citizenship?

Did you really threaten to sue all of thos people and firms.. How do you file a suit against the “inventor of cannabis”? That would be God. Sueing the QoE is one thing, but sueing God? That takes some ballz.

Comment by devi8 | January 4, 2018

§ 1. I will answer your questions as best I am able to. Firstly, this is the email that I received from ‘Cherie’:

Terminal Panigrahi find odd man out Anonymous Remailer (austria) To 1 Jan at 9:40 PM


Vasykov, Nasseri, de Souza, Shah, Kamalfar, Abo, Al-Bahish, Nohara, Kanan, Panigrahi, Peter, Paul, Zhenghu, Ando, Snowden, El-Baghdadi, Mueller

Find the one odd man out (all are surnames).

Correct solution is of much importance to you, concerning your travel plans for 2018.

I notice you are becoming more famous.

“Cherie” Not a solicitor- stop claiming otherwise. And I never offered to represent you in any case. Reply Reply to All Forward More

2. I assumed that was the lawyer that Cherie referred my Case to, but I have not heard from him. I do not know his charges per hour. Similarly, I wrote to at their London Office but this email was not acknowledged.

3. Concerning renouncing my British citizenship, under UK law it is not sufficient to say that one has renounced one’s citizenship. The renunciation will have to be accepted by the Home Office for which grounds need to be submitted. This is done to prevent a person unduly becoming stateless which is against international law. There were ocassions in 2004 and again in 2015 when I sought asylum out of the United Kingdom to get away from what I perceived as persecution. This first application was rejected by the Refugee Council of the United Kingdom and numerous other countries because the National Health Service had classified me as mentally ill with persistent delusional disorder which was argued to have clouded my judgment. I agree that I was under severe depression with psychotic features during those episodes. But I recovered and withdrew my asylum application. So my naturalisation and citizenship of the United Kingdom has continued without any State bars on me to undertake foreign travel using my British Passport. I am still under 3 mg of risperidone antipsychotic medication daily. Consequently, I have had two renewals of my UK passport since I first applied for asylum out of the United Kingdom.

This explanation has been confirmed to me today by Her Majesty’s Passport Office which has stated categorically that my UK passport issued as a renewal in 2014 is valid as a travel document: Because my asylum applications were rejected on medical grounds it was not seen as renunciation and I have therefore been and remain a naturalised UK citizen since 1982 without a break.

4. I did not issue any proceedings except against 5 respondents and these are detailed in the Case that is blogged. These respondents were Kent Police, Independent Police Complaints Commission, Wigmore Medical Centre, the Legal Ombudsman and the Labour Party – see details here:

Comment by shantanup | January 4, 2018

4. And you’ve been looking for pro bono representation, which is fine, but in a recent post you said you’re willing/able to pay 1000 pounds/hour for a senior soicitor. Where I come from, that would get you a top lawyer. Why does someone who can pay that much need pro bono?

Comment by devi8 | January 4, 2018 | Reply

o I only get £830 per calendar month as my teacher’s pension so the amount that I can pay is very limited. When the referred to email arrived I was desperate for legal representation as all personal attempts at accessing justice had failed. The amount drafted in that email of 1000 pounds/hour was not written by me but by someone acting under State directions I believe.

Comment by shantanup | January 4, 2018 | Reply

5. Do you know what Mooreplay does? They’re a payroll and HR solutions provider. If this guy is a lawyer at all, he’s not the kind of lawyer you want or need. IF he exists at it will be a miracle. A company the size of Moorepay probably doesn’ have counsel on staff. you are being lied to. someone else to add to your list.

did you really threaten over 200 parties with legal action?

What you have to do is find a law firm that will represent you for a reasonable fee, meet with them to discuss the particulars of your case, provide them with all documentation they require, and sign contracts agreeing to terms. The chances of getting pro bono service for your case is impossible. If you can’t do that, then you should simply abandon these fultile attempts to bring suit.

You should also cease your harrassment of officials of the courts and the police.

If you don’t like the way people respond to your blog you can shut off commenting

Comment by devi8 | January 4, 2018 | Reply

o I have never harassed any official of any court or the police who are doing their duties to society. I have never once had this complaint made to me by these agencies.

This criminal that you have identified yourself by the name of ‘Cherie’ has to be flushed out of her hiding place and the police and courts have been told to subject her to the due process of law enforcement. I do that as a citizen of the United Kingdom with the right to live in peace and quiet without being bombarded with criminal law-bending emails and blog comments.

Comment by shantanup | January 4, 2018 | Reply

§ And that’s what I mean by harrassment. The courts don’t respond to you. The state’s attorney does that sort of thing. If a criminal act has been perpetrated, then there is due process. You infrm the police. The police investigate and if needed provide the state’s atorney with evidence. The perpetrator is arrested and brought to court and guilt or innocence is established. Punishment is meted out. That’s how it works. That’s how you do it. You don’t email the court and expect them tp hop-to.

The police will have to first established if a crime has been committed. In this case it will be difficult for two reasons. One is “Cherie” is probably going to be difficult to trace, if not impossible. Two is that you seem to call your local police regularly with all sorts of nonsense, and being cliniclly diagnosed as delusional, taking your charges seriously is highly unlikely.

Yes you have a right to peace and quiet. We all do. So do the police and courts. You could go a long way, by simply configuring your blog to not allow commenting by outsiders. No one will be able to post stuff, giving you shit and you can still post stuff about your quest for truth and justice.

And the athorities might take you more seriously if you cut back on the complaints and threats as well as the stuff you publish that makes you look like a loon.

Comment by The ORIGINAL devi8 | January 4, 2018

§ I am surprised to read that the Police cannot trace ‘Cherie’ by checking with the Anomymous emailing unit that was used. The Police have yet to reply to my referral of Cherie for investigation so the matter will have to proceed to the Court of Appeal as soon as I can secure pro bono legal representation. I wrote to Jonathon Melia but did not receive a reply, so I await the response of my MP Mr Rehman Chishti on the pro bono legal representation that I applied for here:

Comment by shantanup | January 7, 2018

6. Anymous emailers are intended to mask the actual user. It should be NO suprise your local police can’t find her (if they even tried). It’s questionable as to whether or not a crime ( as in statute) has been broken. How does an appeals court figure in? Appeals courts are usually called upon to render judgment on a lower court’s decision. From what I can tell there’s been no judgement by a court on any criminal action. Also, appeals by platiffs usually aren’t diserving of pro bono consideration.

Comment by devi8 | January 9, 2018 | Reply