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devi8 posts an interesting comment in this Blog for discussion

A person, seemingly a woman, posted the following comment this late afternoon that I found interesting so I am inviting comments:

[Shantanu Panigrahi’s Blog] Comment: “The modus operandi of a typical UK criminal” Shantanu Panigrahi's Blog To Today at 18:52 Respond to this comment by replying above this line New comment on Shantanu Panigrahi’s Blog

devi8 commented on The modus operandi of a typical UK criminal

This evening I received an email that threatened me. I am reproducing it and my reply which went successfully so that it was …

“Devi8, This person implied that I was a parasite on the UK State, which is untrue as I have my job-associated pension which is not the State pension. It is true that for much of the time from 1998 to 2017 I was dependent on my wife who thinks I am mentally ill so undertook the role of a Carer. I paid back the money I owed her for her earlier sacrifice so I do not any longer consider myself to have beeen a parasite on her, let alone a parasite to the UK State as this person has insisted. To suggest so is persecution that you are furthering.

Unfortunately, you are continuing with your assertion and view that WordPress should close down this Blog. I am objecting to that strongly and this is a legal issue that WordPress will have to answer to a Court of law for for no such stipulations as you cite were made to me when I started this Blog and since then by WordPress. So there are legal issues involved here and the matter is subject to the decision of the Court of Appeal that is under way. I am therefore fighting any attempt by any party to close down this Blog in that Appeal as continuing persecution that you and that other UK criminal have been instrumental in arranging for no reason other than the fact that State-organised persecution has been investigated, identified and reported by me.

WordPress should bear that in mind because the amount of damages and compensation that I have claimed is £5 million, to be apportioned according to the roles of all the parties engaged in the persecution. If the Blog is closed down that amount of damages and compensation in the litigation will rise to at least double that.”

Above you threaten to sue WORDPRESS, which I can see is strictly against their conditions and would be valid grounds for immediate account termination. You won’t be due a penny or cent from them for many reasons. One being you breached their conditions, another being you never paid them a penny or cent but they generously gave it to you for free. They owe you nothing not 5 million as you seem to think.

It is devi8, not Devi8. You are persecuting me by calling me by a wrong name. I am going to sue you for 20 millions!

Then I looked what he or she called you, a f#### parasite. Didn’t say off who, state or individual. So your defence basically admits he was very right to call you a parasite, because you yourself admitted to parasiting off someone, your wife, for nearly twenty years. You are making an attempt to confuse here by introducing the state.

You wrote your wife thinks for 19 years that you are mentally ill. Trust your wife, she is right, and set the poor woman free. You will earn good kharma that way.

In another your article in a different WORDPRESS blog you ended with ” the freedom to make moves on the opposite sex for sexual activity should be preserved by law. Women especially should get used to being approached in this way.”, ie man groping at woman unwanted is “normal sexual foreplay encounters”.

And you are surprised you got kicked from University of Greenwich for misconduct? And were never awarded any compensation? ? ? ? And I better get used to being groped by perverts??? Are you nuts????

What will you do when you wake up one morning and find this blog has disappeared? The T&C says they dont need to give you even 5 minutes notice, just pooooooof gone. Every time you post here or make an article you re-iterate that you accepted those T&Cs. Go read them. Even using your blog to annoy anyone is grounds for a termination. I am annoyed now, I can demand it, and pooof.

I took a day off from work, what we people hae to do to pay for you, because of a head cold. I was wondering if you were making everything up here, so I tried telephoning some of the officials you keep mentioning. Finally I got connected to one, I wont tell you his or her name. Once I got their confidence, by giving all my details and reasons and letting them phone me back, so they were confident I am not connected to you, I learned a lot from this very nice kind person. They are confused why you are persecuting them for no valid reason. If they didnt make allowance that you are 101 percent crazy you would have long ago been “sighted” ( ? ) by a senior judge which means you are dragged to a court to answer and most likely then jail or mental hospital for observation tbf by commital. Actually this will likely happen soon anyway even though the person you are attacking is pleading for mercy for you.

Start behaving more like a gentleman or else I fear I will no longer be able to visit your blog in future to have a laugh at your Big Stupid. Because there will be no blog, only a NotFound error message and heavenly laughter from Krsna and gopis. at asura being defeated. devi means goddess.

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