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East Kent Magistrates Court Orders on Arrest Summons


East Kent Magistrates Court

Code: 1965

ALL ENQUIRIES TO: The Magistrates’ Court, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone Kent CT20

Telephone: 01303 227800, Fax: 0870 739 5848, e-mail:

Office Opening Hours: 9am to pm, Monday to Friday



3 Hoath Lane





Case number: 462100022559


The court has heard the matters shown below and made the orders listed.

Suzanne Gadd (Head of Legal Operations Kent)

Justices’ Clerk

Date 24 February 2021

Matters and orders


Application within criminal proceedings for case number 2100022559. Nature of application: APPLICATION FOR SUMMONS.

Refer to nature of application.

Application refused. Reasons: The applicant has not attended the listed hearing and I have decided to deal with the application on the papers.

On the basis of the information contained in this application I am not satisfied that the requirements to issue a summons are met and I refuse to issue a summons accordingly.

The application for a summons is defective and the informations are not properly laid. The applicant has not named the proposed defendants or clearly identified the offences alleged against each. The applicant has failed to provide any legal or comprehensible factual basis for a summons to issue for any offence. I find that the attendance of the applicant at a future hearing would not remedy these defects.

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