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eConsult Review of 28 January 2022

eConsult Review of 28 January 2022




Shantanu Panigrahi <>



Cc: BPRetailJobs,, Panigrahi Rashmi, Paul Nichols PC 46015002

Fri, 28 Jan at 18:17


Dr Shah

Long Catlis Road Surgery

Long Catlis Road




For the attention of Dr Viano Uwuseba

Dear Dr Uwuseba

1. Thank you for your text at 17.23 pm today concerning my eConsult Form as attached: CONSULTATION ON MENTAL HEALTH 29 January 2022.docx

2. You wrote: ‘Dear Mr Panigrahi, I have reviewed your econsult and the last letter from the mental health team which suggest that you continue your medications. Kind regards. Dr Viano Uwuseba, Long Catlis Road Surgery'.

3.Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the last letter sent to you by the Community Mental Health Team at Britton House, Gillingham, Kent ME8 0SL, so would be grateful if you would explain to me why I am being given Zaluron by Boots the Chemists that was not there in the previous Care Plan from that team. If you could therefore send me a copy of this letter from the latest Consultant Psychiatrist who prescribed these medications of which I am not taking Zaluron for obvious reasons but I am taking the rest as advised (4 mg risperidone daily, 150 mg sertraline daily and 1000 mg depakote daily) and hence it was not written into the eConsult application for an up-to-date Medication Review that I requested the Surgery for today, I would be grateful. If the prescription for Zaluron (Quetapine?) has been sent to Boots the Chemists since June of this year by some other authority including perhaps Dr Shah herself, kindly make this clear to me in your email so that I can start taking Zaluron in addition to the other medications that you suggest from now onwards for my mental condition today if it differs from what it was in June of 2021 when I last had a meeting at Britton House.

4. As your decision on whether I am compulsorily enforced these mental health medications by the State or ust recommended for the well-being of the society, and since this will impact upon my work performance for my company (BP Lenham Petrol Station) n terms of the drowsiness, urination and defaecation problems that I feel I suffer from due to the medications during my long shifts of work for which mental concentration and mindfulness is needed please note in your deliberations that my next shifts of work for which I would require a sick note for sick pay are as follows:

Tue 1 Feb 1400-2200

Fr1 4 Feb 600-1400

Sun 6 Feb 1400-2200

Wed 9 Feb 1400-2200

Thu 10 Feb 1400-2200

Sat 12 Feb 1000-1800

Tue 15 Feb 1400-2200.

5. Please send me the letter and the sicknote on Monday 31 January 2022 by email at the latest so that I can inform BP of your decision as I have categorically stated to my company at the job application stage that not only am I the sanest person in the world today but the sanest who has ever lived on the face of the Earth so that all previous mental health impositions on me were issued by ignorant Consultant Psychiatrists as the attached document clarifies clearly; I do not have any inherited or stress-related mental problems either nowadays since I sorted out my enemies who persecuted me for 24 years in the United Kingdom to make my life a living nightmare.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619



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