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God is warning us that mankind is in danger from environmental catastrophe

It has taken God billions of years, 13.5 billion years to be exact, to get the universe so developed that we humans can have a great time in that creation today. And we should be enjoying this planet and its resources for another at least 400 million years before our Sun is no longer able to sustain life on Earth. That is a very long time left for us humans to rejoice at Nature and take care of the Creation that God has prepared for us.

What does the Science tell us? We humans will not be able to obliterate life on Earth from our mismanagement of the environment. The question is in what form will we humans survive for even the next 2-5 million years or even a lot sooner than that if we go along in the same way as we have been doing. The environment will dictate that. Will the rampant use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy lead to the obliteration of the human race through global warming and its repercussions? If we destroy the remaining rainforests what kind of life will we have when the biodiversity as we know it is all but decimated.

Is God not concerned about this matter when a lot of scientists are very worried? If we humans (especially politicians) are not concerned ourselves then why should God poke his nose into the issue? It is our life and our future after all. As far as God is concerned if we humans die out new life forms will emerge from what is remaining and new evolutionary pathways will be generated. Maybe a more intelligent form of animal might evolve which will regard us humans like we do the dinosaurs that lived around 100 million years ago. So it is up to us how we want to live. Do we want to live on as human beings? The world has to come together and analyse this question now and take steps to protect the environment so that we can occupy this planet for those 400 million years.

Having said that I do not think God is totally unconcerned about the future of the human race. Through me He is telling mankind that the time has come where we need to assess what humans have achieved thus far in scientific and technological progress but where we should now be heading by controlling our unreigned desire for ever more development. We need to protect the environment now and steady the boat of progress and live in harmony with Nature, otherwise we are in grave danger of environmental catastrophe.

14 February 2014 Update:

We just do not know if man made global warming is going to cause us climate problems. What is happening to the global climate?

For the past decade scientists have expressed great concern on the impact of human activities on the global climate which is said to be warming with the increases in carbon dioxide that is pumped into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels. The consequent melting of the polar ice caps will it is assumed cause a major rise in sea levels to the point that many low lying coastal areas and islands will submerge as oceans spread. Is global warming from such human activities really causing these effects and if so what should mankind do about it?

Now there is a report that far from the predicted melting of the polar ice caps there is now a 60 per cent increase in ice on the North Pole giving rise to the suggestion of global cooling instead?

So what is happening to the global climate? The world appears to be heading for a period of cooling that may not end until the middle of this century, a process that could expose computer forecasts of imminent catastrophic warming as dangerously misleading. Global warming appears to have come to a halt from the beginning of 1997, an event that computer models used by climate experts failed to predict. There seems little doubt that the warming of the 1980s and 1990s has stopped.

The Earth’s atmosphere may not be warming as much but it appears as though the oceans are heating up:

So should we be concerned about the use of fossil fuels with regard to the Earth’s climate. My view is No. On the face of it the Earth’s climate will get wetter and warmer with a higher CO2 content which is all good news for crop production. Marine life will evolve to new forms. There may be some shrinkage of the polar ice caps that may submerge coastal areas thus reducing the Earth’s land component in relation to the oceans, but human progress cannot concern itself with this supposed danger. It will affect no one materially. The question arises however is whether there will be more violent swings such as hurricanes that would destroy what man has developed including crops? There is no reason to suspect that this is inevitable.

13 February 2014 Update: The way to tackle the issue of climate change from man-made global warming is something that should concern mankind is to ask: what is the ratio of energy into the atmosphere from fossil fuel usage annually to that arriving from solar and Earth (mantle plus crust) sources. Specifically, what is the energy ratio from the greenhouse effect of the extra carbon released to the atmosphere plus the heat released on burning fossil fuels to energy inputs from solar radiation and Earth inputs.

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