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IMAGO-Citizens Advice Bureau passing the buck

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I have been asked by Lorraine of Citizens Advice Bureau (Kingsley House, Balmoral Road, Gillingham) to contact IMAGO about the problems I have had since 2008 until when I used to receive Disability Living Allowance but when it changed to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) even though I contacted DWP from my recollection (?) I did not get enough information on my Mental Health disposition until very recently, when Dr Odesanya, Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House, Gillingham, confirmed by final diagnosis to be paranoid schizophrenia and not persistent delusional disorder that I was previously diagnosed to have suffered from. This is a much more serious condition but I am still able to live in the Community although doing paid or volunteer jobs are not recommended by this Psychiatrist.

10 weeks of so ago, I filled in the Online PIP Form and did not receive a reply from the DWP nor from Dr Odesanya or my GP at Long Catlis Road Surgery, Parkwood Gillingham, on what is happening to the application. So, I emailed a letter of complaint to the DWP on Saturday, but received a reply back on a no-reply email that it did not accept attachments and I would have to telephone some numbers to try and get it resolved.

I did telephone a few numbers but the waiting period was so long that I had to hang up the Mobile Phone. I then contacted Furley Page Solicitors and also Direct Access Barristers (Clerksroom direct) about taking out a summons on the Director of Public Prosecutions to have Ms Max Hill arrested, but I was directed to speak to a solicitor instead.

The Crown Prosecution Service has just in the past 15 minutes sent me an email at my email address which has been bastardised by criminals so I could not gain access to it all day to read a email sent to me by the Citizens Advice Bureau at 10.17 am this morning. So I telephoned and spoke to Lorraine not knowing that the Citizens Advice Bureau had not dealt with my complaint against the local Citizens Advice, and as you can see I am still denied legal advice and legal representation, in light of the fact that the Crown Prosecution Service has made no comment on (a) the legality of my present moment British Citizenship and British Passport; and (b) whether I am not entitled to receiving any PIP because I am 'Stateless'.

I asked my Party, the Liberal Democrats to find out if I could obtain legal advice at a reduced price, but they declined, and said that I am registered for their Spring Conference on 19-21 March 2021 7.00 am - 4.00 pm, so perhaps it will consider a delayed Motion from me then; in this regard, the Party refused to consider my Motion for more transparency in the Freedom of Information Act on these matters and are refusing to comment on my suggestion that the United Kingdom is a tyrannical dictatorship operated through organised monarchists whose primary goal is to subjugate all the population to serve the Monarchy as slave-servants.

So, you are my last hope, I must get some additional source of income to keep funding my websites, and the PIP is the one that Lorraine says you can lodge this complaint on me to the Minister of the DWP immediately as discussed with Ross Rowland on the telephone to be the prime suspect over the past 23 years of State-organised religious persecution on me; suppression of truth being religious persecution in Vishista Advaita Vedanta.


Thank you for your message and we will get back to you soon

18.14 pm hours (UK-Time) 17 March 2021


Continuing Search for Legal Representation (Professional Negligence)

Thu, Mar 25, 2021 11:04 pm

Shantanu Panigrahi ( Details


Furley Page Solicitors

Dear Ross Rowland

Following our recent discussion on the telephone when you phoned me, I got in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau by email lodging a complaint against the Bureau and speaking with one of its staff at Kingsley House, Gillingham in accordance with your suggestion but was referred by the lady to IMAGO. For reference I attach my original enquiry: ToFurleyPageLawFirm17Mar2021.

I worte to IMAGO through its contact point (see ToIMAGO17Mar2021.docx) but there has been no reply nor a telephone call from IMAGO.

In the meantime, I received the attached Order from the Central London County Court whom I telephoned this morning but the phone was hung up on me.

I have made no progress in securing employment, nor have I got my Personal Independence Payments.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel 07967789619





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