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The International Criminal Court: International Criminals: Our reference: OTP-CR-76/22

The International Criminal Court: International Criminals: Our reference: OTP-CR-76/22




Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Sat, 12 Feb at 22:48


Norway in the UN

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Dear Sir/Madam

Despite my notice to the International Criminal Court that I would refer it to the Security Council of the United Nations if progress was not made on jurisdiction with or without investigation of the Internal Criminals brought to the Court for assessment and punishment, I have yet to receive a reply to the following submissions:




As this silence by the authorities continues with regard to the Order of the Central London County Court dated 21 June 2021 as attached (Central London County Court Judgment or Order 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman).pdf for which no written details on the judgment has been received by me the State authorities through BP who I work for in conjunction with the Long Catlis Road Surgery are continuing to harass and persecute me as part of the 24 year old campaign of vengeance for bringing the University of Greenwich to the Court of public opinion for depriving me of my £55,000 redundancy payment; and secondly by confiscating our desktop computer, my USB Memory Stick and my old Mobile phone since 24 November 2021 on the clearly false allegation that I had harassed and stalked Katrina Sale of the Conservative and Unionist Party of which Mr Boris Johnson is the Leader) as is evidence by the fact that following my arrest on that date no charges have been brought against me but my technical devices are not being returned so that I can get on with my normal life here in the United Kingdom.

I would be grateful if you would kindly look into the workings of the International Criminal Court and raise this State-organised persecution on me for my religious practices immediately.

In regard to this I had asked Mr Jeremy Greenstock and the Pakistan member of the Security Council in around 2002 to help me against the fact that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had failed to take action with the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights for the failure of a dozen countries to provide me safe passage on asylum and especially the Indian governments denial of my birth right nationality and citizenship by reverting me to my Indian passport, but no action was then taken so that when I attempted to travel to France in 2004 on an acknowledgment of sorts from OFPRA of the French government I was arrested by British Police in Dover and incarcerated under Sectioning under the Mental Health Act for 3 months. I worked in menial jobs since then and was placed in a mental hospital for month again in 2008, and since than kept under surveillance of the State mental institutions under Community Mental Health Teams and enforced to take anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising drugs when there is nothing wrong with my mental condition as I have always been in full control of my mental faculties. The long period of medications has caused me physical health issues like erectile dysfunction, prostate problems of prolactin in hyperprolactinaemia, high cholesterol, tremors and muscle joints problems and are the direct cause of me having to go on sick leave from my latest employment at BP but BP is not paying me my statutory sick pay.

Thank you for your kind attention

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel 07967789619

United Kingdom


CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman).pdf 783.5kB

CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman)
Download PDF • 802KB

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