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The relationship between humans and God is via truth

The relationship of God and man is via the path of truth which reinforces itself as it is a two-way interaction between a human being and God. The individual has to learn about life and test relentlessly as to whether there is God. If this truth is pursued one is on the path to determining the answers to all the questions that may ever come before the individual. The process that is in play is called satya-advaita or truth-accomodation. The person seeks answers to all the questions that come before him or her, and accomodates himself or herself into that truth and gives up past beliefs. The individual will test himself as he searches for the path of truth to lead his life properly and move his life forward.

He starts by first searching through trial and error and increasingly intense studies and especially science to learn the meaning of life. If he does so steadfast he will one day realise that this is the same as the way of life that God also approves of for He is the one who has created this world and the universe so that His view of how humans live must be in consonance with the Nature that He created: this will become apparent when the person sticks to the practices that is associated with evolutionary biology and environmental science to determine the position of human beings in Nature and live by the methods that make humanity progress further into the future so that the species is protected as his or her dharma.

This process of learning is not easy and in the early stages the individual will inevitably swing about in all kinds of beliefs, and will frequently doubt the existence of God. This is OK and part of the truth-seeking process. When on this path in a determined way the person will however gradually learn what is right and what is what is wrong not only on facts but also on the moral basis of our conduct. This learning will only happen if he or she practices truth accommodation, that is tries to be at one with the truth and not sacrificing truth for short term material objectives. The reason why the method works is because God facilitates the path of truth to a truth seeker/aspirant if He sees that the individual is really trying hard to seek truth and changing himself to improve himself by adopting the truth that he discovers at each stage of his journey. God has made this focus of satya-advaita the only relationship that exists between man and God. If one wants the truth badly one will persevere on this path and not let go of truth under any circumstances. Because the process is faciliatated by God the person survives and does so with a pleasant disposition without mental conflicts. In the same way the human aspirant will have to constantly test whether God exiss God will test the individual for his or her committment to the path of truth in the form of satya-advaita. And the destiny of this kind of following the truth path is an encounter of the individual with God Himself. That is when personal Vedanta is attained.

Thus, when one is constantly speaking the truth without fear of its consequences in the material world and exhibiting transparency about all things one is on the path of truth that gives not only peace of mind but also the realisation that worshipping truth is equal to worshipping God Himself. When ones devotion to truth accommodation is complete God Himself will appear before the individual.

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