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The Yoga of Discovery and Revelation

There is no truth gene that scientists have yet identified that compels an individual to seek the truth. Not everyone is inclined to seeking knowledge. Human thoughts, beliefs and mental exertions arise as blends of individual characteristics from three categories of consciousness which are the sattvic, rajasic and tamasic triad of gunas or the property of the mind. The consciousness triad is a special creation of God that differentiates people according to their primary objectives and motivations in life. Seeking the truth and knowledge is a sattvic activity, and not a rajasic or tamasic one. The sattvic guna gives rise to individuals that Hindus term as gyan yogis, or people who seek wisdom. Wisdom comes from knowledge so that these yogis devote themselves to seeking the truth. They live to the maxim satyameva jayate, that truth is the highest discipline to live to, and become great scholars and scientists. They may however be atheists or theists and there is no certainty that they will reach the point where they are totally satisfied that they have no questions left to address from their comprehension of reality.

Gyan yoga only becomes perfected when the mode of discovery from a seeker and the source of revelation of truth become integrated in a person’s experience. This is a unique experience and not known to occur frequently. Gyan yoga is a torturous experience because there is so much to learn and take into account in one’s comprehension of reality. One is continually trying to dispel ones delusions and unless the experience is facilitated by God so that the seeker can stay on the course throughout his life or until there is near complete realisation it will not lead to anything but frustration. The question that arises is would God want to assist gyan yogis except in the rarest of episodes in human history? The Bhagavad Gita states that this is unlikely as only one in a million people are likely to realise God from their yogic practices. The phenomenon of integration can only take place if God is satisfied that a person is deserving of the ultimate knowledge, that is the nature of God. It would appear that from time to time in human history God has quietly without anyone but the seeker noticing appeared to different sages to attain for the good of humanity the objective of demonstrating His existence and making what He considers important known to us humans. Truth seeking is a hard task and requires the process to be reinforced by God. A successful knowledge pursuit is not known to be repeated frequently and may not take place more than once within several generations of human beings that is once in a few centuries.

It would seem harsh that there is no facility for a serious gyan yogi to undertake the task of truth discovery from first principles that would awaken God to reward his sincere efforts. My impression is that to be successful in this quest, one must be of a sattvic bent of mind. Rajasic and tamasic people can forget about seeing evidence for the existence of the one and only Creator God, Sri Krishna. It is however not necessary to start with a position on theism versus atheism. The sattvic mind seeking the truth will automatically adopt the default state of atheotheism, that is to say that he or she has no evidence for the existence of God but does not rule out the possibility that the evidence may yet be forthcoming. Above all, the sattvic person has to be worshipping truth at the cost of all other needs and activities. Everything that he or she utters or writes must be pristine truth as contained in his mind at any given moment in time. And he or she must accommodate himself or herself in the new knowledge and accept the reality of the new situation moment by moment. I have given the term for this condition to be satya-advaita or truth accommodation which must be applied in the process of determining truth on all aspects of living. I believe from my own experience of practicing this intensely that God would be good enough to leave this venue open for just about anyone who may be seeking direct knowledge of Him because he or she is not satisfied with reading holy books even if they were from people as respectable as myself and who prides himself on his knowledge as contained in my Blog, Knowledge for World Conservation. I have no evidence that God would not accede to satisfying this quest if the dedication and devotion to truth is intense and unrelenting. To the serious gyan yogi He will find a way to address his questions in the right way and at the right time. For this a gyan yogi does not need a guru but he or she must avail all opportunities to study and seek the truth about everything as the only important thing that there is. It means sacrificing material objectives that would stand in the way of pursuing truth. It means putting up with taunts for years of being mentally sick. There should be no ulterior objectives in the discovery of truth which should be an end in itself. If this is done I have no reason to think that God would reject the approach. I sincerely believe that truth will be revealed appropriately to the truth seeker to integrate the processes of truth discovery and revelation. But He may direct the truth seeker to my Blog and indicate to him that the person should start his or her research from what is written here for the same experience does not need to be repeated. If the gyana yogi can find arguments and evidence against what I have written he must start his own blog on the composition of the ultimate knowledge for mankind’s benefit. If God sees that this is being done, perhaps he will assist the individual by integrating with him or her in the quest for truth.

There is also another scenario to take into account. God may see the need to make His presence felt among human beings in a major way. This the shastras say will occur according the shloka:

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, glanir bhavati bharata, Abhytannum dharmasya tadamanam sryjamahayam, Paritranaya sadhanum vinashaya drystakam Dharma sanstahpnarthaya sambhawami yuge yuge.

For this He would commandeer an individual to live in a particular way and do particular things. I consider that in the modern internet era God had planted me among the British as a truth-seeking Hindu avatar whom He commandeered to set about teaching what is moral by going through the process of discovering the nature of reality as the being ultimate frontier for mankind to explore; and then to publish these findings as the Holy Book (or should I say my Holy Blog) for mankind to follow into the future. He is highly unlikely to repeat this with another individual. This is a word of caution to any reader wishing to embark on the process of truth discovery. So He may not accede to the quest of just anyone because seeking knowledge with God is a bizarre way to live and must be classified as a mental illness because God does not give away His secrets easily. He makes the individual work hard for it. The person has to put up with repeated insults about his sanity. With that said, unless people try the method I have outlined for satya-advaita above mankind will never know. The reward from it is pristine knowledge of how the universe is; how humanity is made to function; and what God favours as sanatan dharma.

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