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Vulgar Emails

What does a chicken’s anus feel like around your mini-penis?


2 Mar 2018 at 0:19

From: Amanda XX

Date: February 27, 2018

Subject: Shaitanus Panigrahi

Dear Mrs Stewart,

Thanks for your informal confirmation that anything you get from the chap we fondly refer to as ShuntAnus Penisgropey

will be fed straight into Dusty Bin.

I'll forward this to him. It's time we got our own back. I was the one who tracked down Paul Hands, remarkable chap.

ShuntAnus knows him as phands. He got the chickenfucker's number for sure.


Dear Paul, about the criminal Shantanu Panigrahi


2 Mar at 9:46 PM

Dear Mr Hands (Paul),

It was a privilege to talk to you over the phone about the

chickenfucker. Why he thinks your Christian given name is

Patrick, I don't know, but then he gets most things wrong.

I've read a few of the things you published about SP. They

seem accurate, if too generous to this convicted criminal

(conviction date January 2017).

The number you were asking for is 011441634231752. Have fun,

it is state run so strictly office hours only, 7h ahead of


We must now move the operation to the next level, at all

stages keeping him fully informed. He is about to leave

England in six weeks. Do you have any ideas? I'll email you

front and back photos.

Has any interesting material arrived at the gmail addresses?

We tend to have better weather here in Florida, where my

holiday condo is. If you ever wander this way from Minnesota,

ring me. May be we can hook up.


So you want to know WHY ?



3 Mar 2018 at 3:19

Well then chickenflokker, seems a shame to bid you adieu

without explaining why The A-Team has made your life so

sweet over the past months.

Next time think twice before suing Labour, asshole. You

helped spoil Iain's health with your fucking writ, even

though you weren't smart enough to serve it properly. We

never ever forget.

Hope it comes to you slowly.

Why were this trio communicating at all??



4 Mar 2018 at 3:01

Sue Brady of your local Crown Court admin who said no

Bill Mazhar of Absolute Barrister who turned you down

D.C. Gibbins of your local Police

I found an electronic document will all three of them

'in', but you not. Irregular. Hardly can be coincidence.

Have you considered asking for a full parliamentary

investigation into the circumstances surrounding your




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