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Anonymous email concerning my citizenship received

I received the following anonymous email yesterday and I am assuming it is again from an agent of the UK State representing the official view:

You should read this, Panigrihi Nomen Nescio To 28 Jan 2018 at 2:50

There is no Mr Justice Eadey. It is ridiculous, Mr Justice Eady retired long ago. You renounced CUK status on 18 September 2015. Four days later, on 22 September 2015, you clarified the same “On my asylum application, I have just clarified to Thomas Jones on the legal position on why this is important for me.” All this was in writing and do the representative of a foreign though not alien Head of State, His Excellency Rajan K Mathai. That you do not acknowledge what is proven fact has proved to be a major handicap, because any assertions you now make are likely to be disregarded, even if true. “I am prepared to face the courts here in the United Kingdom” – have no fear, you will. Our correspondence with HCIL has been fruitful, and they have acknowledged that any foreign national who has applied to the Republic of Pakistan for asylum or citizen- ship will be treated, upon application for a visa, like a Pakistani national. Do you have a dog?

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Comment: This email states that there is no Mr Justice Eadey, so why was this name mentioned to me as the person who is investigating my Case in the United Kingdom? The authorities of the UK State should take into account the emailed letter dated 29 January 2018 that I have received today from the General Court of Court of Justice of the European Union concerning this matter, and respond. If there are proceedings elsewhere in a national court or institution, I need to be informed of this. As referred to in the anonymous email I am well-prepared and well-equipped to make my submissions on all issues surrounding this Case. Above all I will not allow any cover up of what has taken place.

The UK State should by now have recognised from my blogposts that I do not need a dog to survive within the United Kingdom.

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