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Correspondence with: Sam Morgan: on: CRD-2103-W1728YGQ

Correspondence with: Sam Morgan: on: CRD-2103-W1728YGQ

A snapshot of my Particulars of Claims for

(a) Defence against the repeated Judgments of the Central London County Court since January 2021 on Claim E35YM660

(b) The Judgement of Master Eastman at the Queens Bench of the High Court since Spring of 2018 on Claim HQ17X01773; and

(c) Refusal of the North Kent Magistrates Court to implement a private prosecution on the Crown Prosecution Service on the Arrest Warrant that I applied for;

are as follows:

(a) Claim E35YM660: I was asked by the first judge to submit a application notice to vary or set aside the Order dated 14 January 2020, which I did immediately I believe setting out the grounds that I had not received the Full Defence of the Defendant in that the Defendant refused to negotiate with me on the validity of the Claim against the then Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May. The Court did not reply to this application. In the meantime an organisation of sorts listed in the Claim Form as being named by persons unknown (Dr Sivaji Panesar, Ms Monneka Tahir, Fritz Wuehler, Professor Nitin Bhardwaj, Ed Mulhouse, etc) started intensively harassing, bullying, and intimidating me to pervert justice at this Court and at the Employment Tribunal at London South Employment Centre at Ashford where a Hearing was scheduled for 10 May to consider the Constructive Dismissal based on a mix of ageism and religionism, akin to how I was manipulated out of my scientific career at the University of Greenwich in 1998 which is listed for Defamation in Claim E35YM660 for stealing my severance payment of £55000, if the University wanted me out of the Institute where I worked.

So I got digressed into withstanding this aggressive victimisation from VOPA (Victims of Panigrahi Association) and because up to 50 law firms both mental health and civil ones had refused to take on my case of representation to the Central London County Court I had to abort the latest Hearing with His Honour HHJ Parfitt on 19 January 2021 at .00 am-10.15am for I felt vulnerable as no other Defendant was present on the Telephone Hearing so I felt that I was being set up by the Central London County Court to further terrorise me on top of all previous acts of erring in law-terrorism due to not having legal cover, or legal aid, the Department of Works and Pension Minister withholding my Personal Independence Payments since 2008. Not only did the organisation calling itself VOPA deliberately and unlawfully insert itself into these proceedings as an interested party that I objected to, it sent me ~1000 criminal anonymous emails directly or to my wife and associates such as Dr Odesanya of the Mental Health Institution and my Care Coordinator there, as well as to Yaw Abaogye at Sainsburys. This is why Sainsburys and the Employment Tribunal did not reply to the email I sent them last night. For they are all in this State-organised persecution together acting in concert with the backing of Kent Police and the rest of the Security Services of the United Kingdom such as M15, M16, as well as the Crown Prosecution Service and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom with respect of its silence to my 5 September 2020 Appeal.

(b) Claim HQ17X01773: This Claim was initiated by me in the Spring of 2018 when all avenues to get legal redress from the abhorrent treatment that I received from the Mental Health Institutions both at the hospital in 2004 and again in 2008 as a political prisioner for forumulating the basis of my subsequent Foundation for World Development at Wordpress (2010-2018) did not get the State authorities to get the University of Greenwich to pay me £55000 or £10,000 per year on medical retirement if indeed I was mentally disturbed with paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional disorder as Dr Masoud Dr Sudhir Patel and Dr Mathews at the hospital, and now Dr Odesanya contends, nor did the Employment Tribunal award substantial damages to me for unlawful and Constructive Dismissal by Shell UK for setting my the Union of Petrol Station Workers, the TUPE arrangements being flouted repeatedly from 2008-2015. Further, the Labour Party perpetrated racial discrimination towards me in considering my application for standing as an MP and submitting Motions to its Annual General Meeting, and lately it is the Liberal Democrats which have done that. Finally, West Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Police harassed me to set me up for criminal charges in the same way that Kent Police had set me up for a Speeding Fine earlier on and all attempts to have Kent Police answer to the Independent Office for Police Conduct were thwarted by internal institutional arrangements. The Case against Kent Police was also against the Legal Ombudsman and the Solicitor Regulation Authority effectively as also the Bar Standards Board and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. Master Eastman did not permit this appeal and Master David Jenkins covered up the matter, which was also reported to Kent Police for investigation, as was the criminal conduct of Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Odesanya for bypassing a clear indication from a questionnaire assessment that I had autism rather than mental illness that required anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medications. The Queens Bench may have behind the scenes awarded Costs against me to Kent Police as Inbrief solicitor Lucy told me when I contacted the Director of Public Prosecutions.

(c) The private prosecution as a counter prosecution is already submitted to you in the Summons Document APPLICATION FOR ARREST....', but if you require further information, I will be pleased to upload it again.

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with: Sam Morgan

on: CRD-2103-W1728YGQ

Dear Shantanu,

When are you able to speak?

Dear Shantanu,

I will need the following documents

Particulars of claim, defence, order listing your hearing.

If you can send to my email address


Sam Morgan @ 15 Mar 10:04

Left a comment:

Dear Shantanu, I will need the following documents Particulars of claim, defence, order listing your hearing. If you can send to my email address thanks


New message re: Shantanu Panigrahi re: CRD-2103-W1728YGQ


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New message re: Shantanu Panigrahi re: CRD-2103-W1728YGQ

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Sam Morgan @ 15 Mar 10:04 Left a comment: Dear Shantanu, I will need the following documents Particulars of claim, defence, order listing your hearing. If you can send to my email address thanks

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