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devi8 posts another interesting comment in this Blog for discussion

This devi8 is a really interesting character. She really does post some very interesting comments. The latest one is as follows:

[Shantanu Panigrahi’s Blog] Comment: “Phands surfaces yet again” Shopping Shantanu Panigrahi's Blog To 9 Dec at 4:48 PM Respond to this comment by replying above this line

New comment on Shantanu Panigrahi’s Blog devi8 commented on Phands surfaces yet again This afternoon I received comments in two separate blogposts from Phands as follows: [Shantanu Panigrahi’s Blog] Please … <> . Where and when did Peter or Paul Hands surface before? What is “extradiction”? This is not a “Blog-Forum”, it is a WordPress site and seems it is you who is breaking it’s rules by putting this kind of stuff here What does ‘spit on it first’ mean? Has the Queen as yet been dethroned by you? You reported it as your mission. If they offer you Camilla, your marriage being “open” I could remember, would you relent on the dethronement? Why are you calling me deviate? I worship the 8 former incarnations so devi8. One is current one is yet to come. Can you understand this? View Comment Trash | Mark as Spam

More information about devi8 URL: Email: Whois: (IP:

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Comment: Is she not full of contradictions? Should we take anything she posts in this Blog seriously? .

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