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Dismantlement of my SimpleSite website

By mutual agreement it was decided that I had no further scope to progress my work through the SimpleSite website as it had served its purpose for me; for those who may be interested in accessing the materials contained in that website Internet Archive has the necessary documentation, as follows:

Simplesite: websites (Archived) (a2a) (a2b) (a2c) (a2d) (a2e) (a2f) (a2g) (a2h) (a2i) (a2j) (a2k) (a2l) (a2m) (a2n) (a2o) (a2p) (a2q) (a2r) (a2s) (a2t) (a2u) (a2v) (a2w) (a2x) (a2y) (a2z) (a3a) (a3b) (a3c) (a3d) (a3e) (a3f) (a3g) (a3h) (a3i) (a3j) (a3k) (a3l) (a3m) (a3n) (a3o) (a3p) (a3q) (a3r) (a3s) (a3t) (a3u) (a3v) (a3w) (a3y) (a3z) (a4a) (a4b) (a4c) (a4d) (a4e) (a4f) (a4g) (a4h) (a4i) (a4j) (a4k) (a4l) (a4m) (a4n) (a4o) (a4p) (a4q) (a4r) (a4s) (a4t) (a4u) (a4v) (a4w) (a4x) (a4y) (a4z) (a5a) (a5b) (a5c) (a5d) (a5e) (a5f) (a5g) (a5h) (a5i) (a5j) (a5k) (a5l) (a5m) (a5n) (a5o) (a5p) (a5q) (a5r) (a5s) (a5t) (a5u) (a5v) (a5w) (a5x) (a5y) (a5z) (a6a) (a6b) (a6c) (a6d) (a6e) (a6f) (a6g) (a6h) (a6i) (a6j) (a6k) (a6l) (a6m) (a6n) (a6o) (a6p) (a6q) (a6r) (a6s) (a6t) (a6u) (a6v) (a6w) (a6x) (a6y) (a6z) (a7a) (a7b) (a7c) (a7d) (a7e) (a7f) (a7g) (a7h) (a7i) (a7j) (a7k) (a7l) (a7m) (a7n) (a7o) (a7p) (a7q) (a7r) (a7s) (a7t) (a7u) (a7v) (a7w) (a7x) (a7y) (a7z) (a8a) (a8b) (a8c) (a8d) (a8e) (a8f) (a8g) (a8h) (a8i) (a8j) (a8k) (a8l) (a8m)

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