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European Arrest Warrant for Mr E Coulon, Registrar, EU Court




5 Mar 2018 at 10:20


The High Commission of India London

For the attention of Mr Shivaji Panesar

1. Thank you for your email this morning, with the subject title 'The way to rid ourselves of the moron Panigrahi' addressed to Becketts Solicitors.

2. You should be aware that Becketts Solicitors only deal with family issues like divorce setllements and not with Immigration and Nationality. I am no longer seeking a divorce. I do not have a solicitor currently so please continue to address your emails to me directly.

3. I am however pleased that you have now accepted my application to return to India and will accordingly grant me a visa for the journey on my United Kingdom passport that is valid from the assurance that I received from the Home Office in writing. The visit to India has been delayed due to the following legal matter that is undergoing consideration at Maidstone Crown Court upon application from me to Kent Police to execute the European Arrest Warrants that I require.

4. I am copying this email to Sue Brady at Maidstone Crown Court to speed up this consideration so that I can undertake my journey to India as soon as possible.

5. In the meantime I am planning to continue with my trip to Greece and require assurance from the Maidstone Crown Court that the journey will not be hindered by the Greek authorities or by the UK authorities upon my return in April 2018.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

On Monday, 5 March 2018, 3:38, Anonymous <> wrote:

Re:: European Arrest Warrant for Mr E Coulon,

Registrar, General Court of the European Union

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you as a gesture of goodwill. Mr Shantanu Panigrahi, a resident and (alleged) citizen of the United Kingdom, has filed for a European Arrest Warrant to be issued against you. The matter is being considered by the Maidstone Crown Court in the county of Kents, in the United Kingdom.

For evidence see which yields under "Outcome of complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct on State-organised conspiracy to pervert justice" the following communication

From: Shan Panigrahi (

To: Maidstone Crown Court, PSD Kent, Trevor Wheelock

Date: Friday, 23 February 2018 14:42

Subject: The criminal wrote to: PSD Complaints Kent

Dear Sir

Following this comment from Lee Neiles DI I telephoned 101 and reported the crime insisting that a European Arrest Warrant be issued against Mr E Coulon, Registrar at the General Court of the European Union concerning the organisation of this crime.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Do not underestimate the incompetence of UK authorities. It is not impossible that the EAW will be issued, partly because the documents Panigrahi provided, while I know must be forgeries, are at first glance convincing. If this warrant is executed, it could be most embarrassing for you.

Having convinced yourself I am not misleading you, may I respectfully suggest that the only course open to you is

to register your protest at the ridiculous and defamatory conduct of this man? To do this, email all three people

1 Sudhir Patel, MD - His doctor - 2 Lee Neiles DI 46010977 - relevant Police Inspector 3 Master Eastman, a senior Judge he is defaming in an even worse manner - and require them to take the action necessary to end this menace to society. They are already collaborating with a much larger group with a view to having this person committed to a mental asylum forever if he cannot be

deported. In the absence of prophylactic action on your part, when his attempt to have you arrested either fails or does not

result in your conviction (which is guaranteed), Panigrahi is likely to travel to your office in person. If he does, I assess the physical danger to you is considerable.

Due to his research work with poultry, he will know what liquids to use, and his web-site shows an obsession with

'vision'. I urge you to take this seriously and follow my advice. He is incapable of stopping himself, as part of his condition.

Yours gratefully,

J. Stenh**** (full name and email address withheld)

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