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Has WordPress given me an ultimatum to close this Blog?

I received the following email today annonymously again so there was no way of knowing who to reply to:

less than 72 hrs before wordpress pulls the plug Nomen Nescio To Today at 13:03 enjoy it while it lasts play god deleting and trashing comments but remember he who laughs last laughs best 72 hours before wordpress pull the plug on the whole goddam blog Reply Reply to All Forward More

Comment: If this is indeed a message from WordPress to me, it should spell out clearly why this course of action is being taken, here in this Blog immediately so that I can consider my next course of action.


Like this:

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1. THis is most liley a troll. I’m somewhat amazed you don’t see that. If wordpress want’s to shut you down it will. They won’t give you 72 hours notice. There will be no ultimative. They’ll just turn you off. It takes seconds. They don’t have to offer any sort of explanation. Read your terms of service. You have no recourse. If you weren’t running roughshod over others, you’d have nothing to worry about.

Comment by devi8 | December 17, 2017 | Reply

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