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Hindi prayer

Hindi prayer

Om tu thakur, tum paiyara das

Jo pin sab tere das

Tum mata pita hum balak tere

Tumhari kripa mein sudha nere

Koi no jane tumhari yuntra

Unch se uncha prabhuvanta

Sakuli samagri tumahari sutri dari

Tum to hai so agyan kari

Tumhari gati mati tumhi ho jani

Nanak prabhu sada kurbani

It is a prayer by Sri Guru Nanak Sahebji and in Guru Granth Sabhib

Shantanu, here is the correct version and the new translation (Thanks to Tabu, too). TU THAKUR TUM PE ARDAS, JIYO PIND SAB TERI RAAS: You are the master and to you I request, all cities/villages are your property. TUM MAAT PITA HUM BARIK TERE, TUMRI KIRPA MEH SOOKH GHANERE: You are our mother and father, by your mercy we get many happinesses. KOYE NA JANE TUMRA ANT, UCHE TE UCHA BHAGWANT: No one knows your extent, God is the highet of high. SAGAL SAMAGRI TUMRE SUTAR DHARI, TUM TE HOE SO AGYAKARI: You are the dispenser of all things, one who follows you is obedient. TUMRI GAT MIT TUM HI JANI, NANAK DASS SADA QURBANI: Only you know your ways, Nanak is always ready for any sacrifice for you.

we need to be continually and actively pursuing our goals of truth and fighting for justice as the essentials of Hindu 'dharma'; then only does God come to one's mind to aid the downtrodden and oppressed following these high ethics.

Of course it was their fault for relying on holy books to guide them to their Gods or creating a God of their imagination without thorough scrutiny and checking on the reality of how God works through humanity. It takes donkeys years to realise God, it cannot be done through following scriptures and giving oneself the label of a particular religion.

The air one breathes is not all of God, God as a Personal God works through ones mind by guiding one with the right thoughts with which to survive in dignity.

The arrogant are those who want to be leaders of people, whether from the pulpit, as a ruler, or other forms of domination that are available including at Forums where they want to shout down dissenting opinions and views.

Contentment is when a person does not want anything at all.

In life one must do what one can to chart ones path forward and hope by surrender to God that He approves of what is being done. In this mode God will Himself impart thoughts to the mind.

Peace is not desirable at any cost. We need to target evil doers who suppress truth and justice.

Humility comes with subservience to God.

One must allow God to fill the mind, only then does one travel safely and maintain ones dignity.

It is the manner in which dissenting opinions are shouted down without any attempt at having a meaningful discussion or debate that determines the 'arrogance' that they have all the answers.

Everything means what it says: He ignores the suffering of people who do not deserve anything better. He is a pretty good judge of character. I follow a path known as satya-advaita or truth accommodation. When done intensely as a yoga, it reveals truths that are mind boggling to comprehend. That truth is that God passes thoughts to the mind of the yogi to help him survive with dignity. I know this because I tested Him out thoroughly to receive these messages of guidance. Through the truth path (raising truth to the surface and then accommodating oneself in the revealed reality) a certain path of life emerges constantly which has to be followed through in the yoga. It is a religious practice that anyone can do, but one must be prepared to surrender to God wholeheartedly. For this surrender, one can use a digital clock to look for times that add up to a certain number (I used 7) as being a message from God to act in a particular way in whatever involvement one was engaged in. A person would need to do this for years and years before the magical power of God is revealed to the individual as a devotee. Then comes a time when one does not have to rely on the clock anymore as it all becomes automatic and a totally reliable religious practice. This is intense surrender of free will and ego that pays dividends as one reaches heights unimaginable in terms of personal attainments.

Do you not want to be cool, calm and collected?

All I can say is that I found it a highly reliable pathway to the truth as a form of yoga done in faith that God will come to me if I did so.

by surrender to God you can fight for what you want as your right (truth and justice as well ethics on the environment and humanity) and come out of it feeling cool, calm and contented that you have done your 'dharma' that is your duties and righteous actions. Seeking the sanctuary of God makes one doubly sure that one is on the right path to doing what is right.

Only that I survived and remained cool, calm and collected at the end of the day by following the clock signals and pursuing the truth seeking and accommodation rituals. That ritual includes the fact that in charting ones future one must always reply and have the last word. Then only does God-revealed truth come out of the mind that protects one and develops ones knowledge.

I used to follow the clock signals blindly in full faith that I was having a conversation with God about what to do with my life. Then I realised that I was achieving my dreams of a fulfilled life, so I continued with that faith. It then became ingrained and I do not look back any more. The realisation long since been complete that I have God to guide me with what I do in my life. The process has been verified not scientifically but should I say empirically in that it is self sustaining and satisfying. Hence I am contented.

When a person does what I did to seek truth, he will see that God is way more intelligent and infinitely more knowledgeable than any human being can ever hope to be so that it makes sense to seek His guidance. It is the safe way to travel when confronting evil in the world of humanity.

I used to think that I was self suffiient and that no one should tell me what to do. I sought truth in that mode. That seeking of truth led me to finding that God exists as a personal God within ones' body and mind. I then tried to find out just what this God was capable of. This was done through surrendering oneself, ones free will. During the passage of time it was proven to me that I could not judge things as well as He does because He is infinitely more knowledgeable and intelligent. So it made sense to remain in surrender mode to take advantage of His capabilities of revealing the truth to my mind.

the time to rely on God is after it has been established whether he exists at all.

You are absolutely right: I am not a fool to give up my freewill and freethought to anyone who is not able to provide me with the perfect knowledge to deal with the complications in my life which is the be-all and end-all of my raison d'etre.

I am about as cool, calm and collected as a human animal is capable of being. Yet, I have no use for god(s)...

It may be possible to be that. I will not doubt it. It could come from yoga or meditation. I do wonder though: you may not have any use for God but are you sure you are acting in the best way possible and doing the right things always?

I have got everything that I ever wanted, so that if no further good fortune comes my way I will die a happy man secure in the knowledge that I sought the truth and found it in such a way that I can deal with any questions that may be posed to me. When I run out of answers, I will know that I did not find the truth.

Without any doubt, whatsoever.... I'm very mindful and my actions are quite deliberate.

So you alone are the judge of whether you have always done the right thing. Fine. Do you swear and use bad language?

I am the worst swearing human being when it comes to reacting to things that are not right. I even call my wife bad names when she does things that I feel strongly are wrong. I have written a Diary in which there is constant swearing about the evil that I have confronted in my adult life. And I checked it all with God. He does not mind me being what I am. This is because truth has to be told. Never feel ashamed of uttering the truth if the situation demands it. That is my motto. But of course being realistic one has to survive. You cannot go round a Forum and keep swearing at people. So it is a question of survival with dignity. I do not seek company because people will irritate me with their habits. So I may get into trouble.

Swearing at my wife was a reaction to irritation. Swearing was also like a probe to see if she would still stick with me and if we will survive as a couple. Would she put up with me and still look after me like she has always done. I needed to find out the truth of how stable my marriage is. I am naturally prone to swearing if I am angered by bad behaviour and if I have been wronged. But one has to survive. Discontent is all around one. That is why the Buddha developed his ideas on how to cope with stress (dukha) in order to attain peace of mind amid all the suffering. The root cause of stress/irritation/disconent is ignorance: of not knowing how to handle a situation. Once you have found a way of attaining perfect knowledge, one knows how to deal with a situation and when that is accomplished the suffering and discontent disappears and one feels contentment. I now tend to believe that Buddhism may have greatness as a religion if one could perfect the art thorough self discipline. But surrendering to God and acting in unison with God also had the same desirable end, namely the eradication of irritation and contentment from knowledge gained from surrendering to God. It is a sure way. I do not know how sure a path Buddhism is because I never practiced it. You can minimise irritation by getting rid of baggage, that is having minimal contact with people because they are bound to give you irritation. That is because a large part of humanity has vested interests and if you get in the way they will create trouble for you which you would then have to deal with in order to survive with dignity.

I agree that desires/expectations/attachments are very bad things that cause suffering and stress. So ignorance may not be the root cause, but knowledge is very important to deal with the situations that one faces. And that knowledge no one can teach except another very knowledgeable person. The most knowledgeable of them all is God. That is why I rely on God. I do not surrender to another human being even though I have a lot of respect for @Aupmanyav.

@YmirGF has corrected me that the root cause of discontent is expectations/desires/attachments. So you need to eradicate this first from your system. I have done that in my life. That does not mean that there are no sources of irritations in the real world which have to be dealt with. Dealing correctly with these irritations requires knowledge, true knowledge. This comes from surrender to God who is the know-all and has been always obliging to me with guidance. So in my private moments I am content and sleep.

I ran into pure evil which I had no idea on how to cope with without confronting it wholeheartedly. As this happened I got glimmers of evidence that a higher power was in control of what I was doing. It then took me years of investigation into this higher power to realise that it was God who had come to my assistance in confronting the evil that I faced.

I always interact with people and seek out new people to have conversations with. That is the purpose of putting up a topic in Religious Forums. I feel that the more you interact the more you learn or confirm what you already know. I never give up wanting to have the last word in a conversation so that I never give up on people no matter how irritating they are. That is part of my truth seeking and truth exposing activities. Once I have ensured that there are no more questions left for me to answer I am content with myself that I have done the right thing.

I have left a message in their website Chat facility asking if Swami Nityananda believes God to be sattvic, rajasic or tamasic Deity. They may reply to me at my email address. If a conversation develops I will let you know. As regards powers, thoughts given by God to help one live in dignity can be very powerful indeed.

God Sri Krishna transcends the gunas and does His own thing which cannot be neatly put into the sattvic, tamasic or rajasic guna categories. He does various things as Lord of the Universe which would lead one to think that he has a combination of these three attributes as He deals with humanity and the functioning of the universe. For example he is a creator as well as a destroyer and a preserver. If Swami Nithayanda gives me a different answer he would become a fake guru in my eyes.

The best way to deal with this question is to have no expectations; do your best to deal with your problems and get the job done. It is wrong even to give thanksgiving to God for it is assuming too much that God is there to help you deal with your issues no matter the strength of your devotion and faith. We need to surrrender to God but not assume that he will remove the obstacles from our lives. It the obstacles get removed and you have survived that is just the reality that has happened. For God wants us to have an uncertain future and it is only our own imagination that we think that He is leading us to the promised land so to speak. We need to deal with our own problems and issues. Once that work is done in our quiet reflection we wonder if God has helped us get through our difficulties. The next moment the process starts again. We negotiate our daily problems even in surrender. When we surrender we are accepting the wish of God that this particular work or difficulty is in our path of life. So we should be content with our lot without having expectations or desires or attachments.

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