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International Criminals:

Our reference: OTP-CR-76/22

from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

to: Douglas <>

cc: OTP InformationDesk <>,

"" <>,

"" <>

date: 25 Jan 2022, 09:23

subject: Our reference: OTP-CR-76/22


Dear Douglas

1. I have had a lot of disagreements with Wordpress over the few years in furthering my interests in the area of 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation' and this matter has been referred to the International Criminal Court on which a subpoena has been applied for to be issued for the Chief Executive of Wordpress to answer the charge of a 'crime against humanity for suppressing the dissemination of clear factual information that is for the betterment of the global humanity as a means of emancipation of the 7.5 billion population of the world'. These websites that have been suppressed in various ways are are and and now , in relation to the podcasting arrangement with Anchor. The actions of Wordpress also amount to an act of aggression on me for my religion that it prevents me from practising by having cooperated with the Mental Health authorities of the United Kingdom to archive and suspend the initial Wordpress Blog on the say so of Dr Masood, Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House in Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom. The matter went to the County Court of Central London under Claim No E35YM660 which was dismissed without full written reasons for the disposal of the Case as shown in the attached Court Order: CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman).pdf.

2. I am of course open to fresh new negotiations on this matter and as such would encourage you to reply to me immediately so that the Court Time at the International Criminal Court is not wasted and an amicable settlement is reached before a Hearing that I am well-prepared for.

On Tue, 25 Jan 2022 at 08:58, Douglas <> wrote:Re: WEB---Idea


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Attachments area

CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman).pdf

CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder 21 June 2021 (District Judge Lightman)
Download PDF • 802KB

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Information Received - Review Letter - OTP-CR-76/22

Information Received - Review Letter - OTP-CR-76/22 Inbox from: OTP InformationDesk <> to: "" <> date:


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