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Letter sent to the Labour Party concerning my Resignation from the Labour Party

The details of why I joined the Labour Party and my resignation are given in the following blogpost:

Today I sent the following email to the Labour Party:

Labour Party membership L1545992 Shan Panigrahi To Labour Membership

3 June 2017 at 16:08

Dear Sir

1. Thank you for your letter dated 26 May 2017 sent in the post which states that I have decided to resign my membership of the Labour Party and wanting a feedback on it. This does not accurately reflect my intentions.

2. I wish therefore to state that I decided to offer my resignation as a Member because my two conditions for continuing my membership were not being met by the Labour Party. The latest information I have from Mr Alan Higgins, the former Secretary of the Constitutuency Labour Party (CLP) of Gillingham and Rainham, is that the CLP will consider my motion on Racism by Law Enforcement for the Party Conference delegate to put forward after the general election on June 8 is over and the matter is reviewed by the Executive Committe of the CLP whose Chair is Adam Price. So far you have also not stated clearly that the Leader of the Labour Party will not submit the question of my experiences as a victim of State persecution that I have informed you about on 28 May 2017 by emailing Mr Iain McNicol to the Prime Minister for remedial action.

3. Thank you for keeping the door open for my continued membership of the Labour Party under Labour Party membership Number L1545992 pending the resolution of this complaint.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL

Reply Reply to All Forward More

The 28 May 2017 dated email referred to in the above email was as follows:

Serving Claim documents to respondents: High Court Claim No HQ17X01773 (2) Shan Panigrahi To Mills Kelly (NHS MEDWAY CCG) Enquiries !enquiries Legal Services HQ Kent Iain McNicol CC QB Issue & Enquiries 28 May 2017 at 9:41

To: Respondents in High Court Claim Number HQ17X01773 By email (as shown)

cc Queens Bench, High Court of Justice, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London. By email:

28 May 2017

Dear Sirs

Serving Claim documents to respondents: High Court Claim No HQ17X01773

1. I am required for the purposes of completing and submitting my Certificate of Service to the High Court to serve the attached two documents of my Claim Form and elaborated particulars of Claim to you as the five respondents that I have listed for giving evidence to the Court, namely: (a) Kent Police, Grugeon House, Police Headquarters, Sutton Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9BZ; Email: (b) Wigmore Medical Centre, Practice Manager, 114 Woodside, Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0PW; Email: (c) Legal Ombudsman, PO.Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ; Email: (d) Independent Police Complaints Commission, PO Box 473,Sale M33 0BW; Email: (e) The Labour Party, Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QT; Email:

2. According to the High Court you have 14 days in which to respond by replying to me or to the Court directly.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL Email:

Attachments included: (a) n1-engClaimFormKentPolice.pdf (b) Particulars of Claim.docx

• 2 Attachments • View all • Download all • Download n1-engClaimFormKentPolice .pdf • Download Particulars of Claim .docx Reply Reply to All Forward More

The Particulars of Claim.docx document was as follows:

The Particulars given in the Claim Form are as follows:

Particulars of Claim: This Claim is brought to the High Court against Kent Police and co-conspirators (officials in Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service, Lawyers, the Legal Ombdusman and the Independent Police Complaints Commission) against the following chargesheet against this Police Force: (a) protecting criminals on my submission of Internet Complaint hate crime; (b) protecting criminals on the Shell Tribunal matter; (c) protecting criminals in the UKIP proceedings matter; (d) protecting criminals in the Greenwich Legalities matter; (e) protecting criminals in the National Health Service directed crimes against me; (f) protecting criminals in the AuthorhouseUK book publication matter; (g) protecting the Legal Ombudsman from criminal activities against me with regard to several lawyers that I complained about; (h) Dover capture by Kent Police in 2004 to incarcerate me in a mental hospital without due reason; (i) capturing me at home and under handcuffs returning me to the mental hospital from where I had lawfully absconded; (j) pointless prosecution of speeding offence that I was collecting money to discharge in January 2017. (k) protecting court officials who gave me an unjustified criminal record with the processing of the speeding offence at Medway Magistrates Court. (l) protecting the Labour Party in its hate crime of denying me my membership rights to submit Motions, and Questions to the Prime Minister.

Elaboration of Particulars of Claim for Master at the High Court This Case is brought against the State for actively organising institutions and bodies in an act of State-persecution since 1998 when I was employed at the University of Greenwich and was the victim of racial harassment from colleagues and senior management. I was unfairly subjected to a disciplinary action by the University of Greenwich to cover up the racial harassment and victimisation that was perpetrated against me and was dismissed from employment summarily without being paid my £60,000 redundancy payment. The officials of the Employment Tribunal Service colluded with the University to deny me the restoration of my employment and rightful funds. I tried to sue the University of Greenwich at Medway County Court for damages to my reputation and career but was found to have abused the process of court unfairly. I then appealed the matter and got nowhere. I was then victimised by the State for pursuing the University through the legal channels by subjecting me to mental health treatment when I resisted that by seeking asylum in other countries and finding that France was giving me asylum. I was arrested at Dover by the Police when travelling to France on an outdated passport on asylum because the State had withheld the renewal of my passport. The Police took me forcibly and put me in a mental hospital where I was sectioned and treated to most brutal regime over 3 months. In the end the psychiatrists could not find anything wrong with me so I was released. The State then withheld my social security payments and for years I struggled to make ends meet. When I eventually found a secure job at Shell Petrol Station and was harassed by the owner I went to the Tribunal again and the same thing occurred: I was denied my case. The State got so angry with this that it got the National Health Service to incarcerate me again in a mental hospital as if I had had a relapse of the psychotic episode on which it had incarcerated me the first time round. This time the incarceration lasted barely a month because again the National Health Service doctors could not find anything wrong with me. I was however released into the community on condition that I would continue to take the medication that the psychiatrist prescribed, namely risperidone at 3 mg per day. I protested against this imposition of my personal liberty and took the matter to the Mental Health Tribunal and the High Court but the officials of these Court service would not listen to my pleas. On the other hand my surgery (Wigmore Medical Centre) tried to get me sectioned a third time for questioning the NHS’s authority to examine me for mental illness and to impose medication and psychiatric treatment on me. All attempts at getting the Police to arrest these NHS culprits failed and the Mental Health Tribunal and Court would not take any action. During 2014 I tried to sue Shell at the Employment Tribunal again for failure to adhere to TUPE provisions and the Tribunal once again manipulated the Case against me. I asked Kent Police to examine the criminality of Judge Kurrein in the disposal of those proceedings but Kent Police would not take any action. When the UKIP political Party denied me the right to stand as its MP by manipulating my application as a hate crime, I reported it to the Police and no action was taken as with the Internet Crime of stalking harassment against Phands, Nick Clegg and Egregious-C. All along I had tried to secure the services of lawyers to take my Cases forward but none would come forward. The Case against the Firm ‘Absolute Barrister’ was taken to the Duty Judge at the High Court but there was no reply. All my complaints to the Legal Ombudsman got short shrift, most notably when I complained about Terence Channer and Slater and Gordon lawyers. I repeatedly complained to the Independent Police Complaints Commission of the conduct of Kent Police but was systematically denied a fair hearing. Kent Police were so angry with my constant please to do something about criminals who had been harassing me, such as AuthorhouseUK in conjunction with officials of Medway County Court that it falsely prosecuted me on a Speeding Offence that I had admitted to and was ready to discharge by paying the fine or attending the Speed Awareness Course. Further it would not do anything about the court officials who ignored the 15 January 2017 letter of evidence for my defence against this conviction and sentence which was acriminaal offence by the Legal Advisor administering justice at Medway Magistratares Court and at Maidstone Crown Cournt on Appeal. The Appeal was taken to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court but there was no response. I joined the Labour Party to air my grievances through the political process but despite a 11 month campaign to highlight my plight at the hands of the Law Enforcement Agencies the Labour Party denied me my membership rights to have my Motions considered and the matter referred to the Prime Minister at Prime Ministers Question Time. It was then that I questioned whether the State had manipulated these organisations over an 18 year period to persecute me and deny me a decent life in the United Kingdom.


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