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N Debrah – my High Court Claim No. HQ17X01773 proceedings

The following correspondence has taken place:

N Debrah – my High Court Claim No. HQ17X01773 (3) Shan Panigrahi To Civil Appeals – Registry 25 Feb 2018 at 14:41 Dear Sir

Please let me know what action has been taken on this matter as I continue to be persecuted as shown in the attached email from a William Eadey instead who was supposed to have investigated the Gross Misconduct in Public Office with regard to the Order of 16 June 2017 from Master Eastman under this application submitted against a corrupt Judge deserving to be sent to prison for his crime against me.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

On Monday, 19 February 2018, 11:56, Shan Panigrahi wrote: Dear Sir/Madam

I continue to be persecuted by the UK State: please see this email that I have received and do something about it.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL United Kingdom

On Monday, 19 February 2018, 2:45, Anonymous wrote:

To: From: Date: February 18, 2018 Subject: N Debrah – my High Court Claim No. HQ17X01773 Dear Taz and N Debrah,

We should not beat around the bush. Clear to me, I have to pay the £500 not to Charles Calthrop, Lola Ogunsiji, John Hebden or even the criminal absconder David Jenkins. Money eventually goes into the pocket of corrupt Judge Master Eastman. So forward to me at the address to which I should send this “facilitation payment”. If I don’t get the reply within 24 hours I will post the cheque payable to Master Keith Eastman to the RCJ address. Frankly it is more like a bribe you are squeezing and extorting from me. If I did not have to worry of the risk of my Greece holiday I would not pay this. Because the payment to Eastman is by cheque, I do not need a receipt. Dirty practices.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL From: QB Issue & Enquiries To: Shan Panigrahi Date: Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 15:01 Subject: RE: To progress matters in your High Court Claim No HQ17X01773

Dear Dr Panigrahi, Your e-mail has been forwarded to the Case Progression Team. Kindly see their response below. Regards, N Debrah Administrative Officer QB Issues & Enquiries | Queen’s Bench Division | HMCTS | Royal Courts of Justice | Strand, London | WC2A 2LL | DX: 44458 Strand Phone: 020 7947 7772 Web: ________________________________________

Dear Issues This claim has been struck out per Master Eastman’s Order dated 25/6/17. The subsequent application by claimant to set aside this order has also been dismissed and found to be totally without merit . His attachment can not be actioned or forwarded to the court he has requested. Many Thanks Taz

• Download FrAnonymous(WillamEadey)25Feb2018 .docx : Reply Reply to All Forward More High Court Claim No. HQ17X01773 (STRUCK OFF ON 25/06/2017) People Anonymous To 25 Feb 2018 at 13:36 To Queen’s Bench Division (Fees Section) The Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London

Dear Mrs Thomas,

Re: High Court Claim No. HQ17X01773 (STRUCK OFF ON 25/06/2017)

14 days ago our department forwarded you the citations supporting our contention that either (i) the 100% Fee Remission he was given was either wrongly or unlawfully granted to this Panigrahi in the first place, or (ii) that on receipt of conclusive evidence that his action was frivolous, vexatious or both, it was retrospectively declared invalid, or (iii) as a joint owner of valuable real property, he had the funds to meet these costs himself, and his application was fraudulent and a criminal offence, or (iv) he is not entitled to receive the remission because he voluntarily surrendered UK citizenship in 2015 (evidence already supplied to you) (more than one of the above probably apply), you possess the power to revoke such remission forthwith and to require this individual to refund the Exchequer (funds to H.M. Paymaster General and H.M.Courts Service, apportioned asspecified) the cost of his meritless actions to date, which exceeds £150,000.

You have not as yet replied. Why?

Fee remission is intended to assist the indigent obtain justice which they would otherwise be denied. It is not intended to facilitate criminal acts of harassment by the (allegedly) mentally deranged and (quote provided from his own blog) maliciously-motivated person.

Kindly report back with the progress in this matter. If you are dilatory, we will contact Master Eastman directly and appraise him of your slothfulness.

For your information, we will also be applying to Justice Hildebrand, who has been kept informed of the numerous crimes by Panigrahi, for a bench warrant of arrest to be executed prior to his absconding to Greece.

Panigrahi is being informed about these developments – he is unrepresented.

Yours faithfully, William Eadey [DEPARTMENT REFERENCE REMOVED]

cc Shantanu Panigrahi Reply Reply to All Forward More

Comments: I am pleased that at last some kind of Hearing would appear to being arranged one way or the other by the UK State for me to be able to put my Case under my Appeal Number (HQ17X01773) on the Claim that I launched against State-organised persecution by the UK State.

26 February 2018 Update:

This morning I received the following threat from an agent of the UK State:




26 Feb 2018 at 2:30


Have you gone mad??

You are calling a respected judge a crook on your blogsite! You are naming him. You are calling for his arrest! If you think for one minute that Master Eastman will take your “a corrupt Judge deserving to be sent to prison for his crime” sitting down, you are wrong. For God’s sake you must immediately remove that from your blogsite and just pray no one has a record. The moment it is seen by the judicial authorities, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and your friends in the Police will haul you direct to Court where you will be sentenced and jailed.


26 February 2018 11.35 am Update:

My advice to Cherie is stop meddling over legal issues that she has no idea about. Just because Master Eastman has not contacted me yet does not mean that he is not aware of this blog-entry which will not be deleted until I receive a Court Order to do so. Perhaps Cherie would like to bring this matter to Master Eastman’s attention immediately for a response.

27 February 2018 Update:

(a) I sent the following email to the Civil Appeals Registry:

16 June 2017 or 25 June 2017 ? (2)


26 Feb 2018 at 9:35

Dear Sir

N Debrah – my High Court Claim No. HQ17X01773

My colleagues have sent me the following query: kindly advise.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

On Sunday, 25 February 2018, 22:40, Nomen Nescio <> wrote:


They made a private googlegroup where they plot your harassment. I guessed there must be such an arrangement because the actions seem co-ordinated. It is not only public servants who are members. I have attempted tojoin the private group (shantanup) but they have emailed me almost twenty questions about my reasons. I am not going to disclose the full id of the group because you will publish it and that will defeat our purposes. Sorry, you have shown you are untrustworthy.

From the actions, I estimate most are public servants but some participants are private individuals who now have some grudge against you. There are more than 30. I have also found out the confusion about 16 or 25 June ’17, which I first thought must be your mistake. There was a dismissal order issued on 16 June but it was defective and apparently also unlawful. So it was quietly replaced by another order of 25 June. Why did I say ‘apparently’? Because the original has literally disappeared, which only happens when our very learned judiciary want to conceal their own cockups. The two orders need to be compared word-for-word and then the issuing judge or department held responsible for what has happened. Maybe when we find what they

were covering up, there can be some counteraction. Obtain the other judgment now. is not safe, they can read all your emails easily even without approaching BTInternet, your ISP (?) which leaves behind a trail under RIPA. You need

to open an email a/c with How is the dog?

~Cherie (remove tilde ~ if reproducing, it is your way of knowing this email is from me, and not from one of the criminal conspirators)


IOPC Reference - 2018/099477 (2)


26 Feb 2018 at 15:53

Dear Sir

1. As Kent Police is an alleged co-conspirator in the State-persecution of perverting the course of justice under which I have suffered over 19 years for which Court proceedings were lodged at the High Court against the Force but to no avail as far as my quest for justice is concerned with Master Eastman still walking around scot-free, it is not appropriate that Kent Police should conduct this investigation.

2. Please supply this rationale to the Independent Office for Police Complaints in referring the investigation for the IOPC to implement immediately.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

On Monday, 26 February 2018, 14:44, !enquiries <> wrote:

Dear Dr Panigrahi,

Thank you for your email dated 25 February 2018, the content of which has been noted.

In response to your email, the Professional Standards Department (PSD) is responsible for deciding whether or not a complaint should be referred to the IOPC. If you are unhappy with the force’s decision not to refer your complaint to the IOPC, I can only advise you contact them directly in order to request their rationale:

Kent Police

Professional Standards

Sutton Road



ME15 9BZ

Tel: 01622 690 690

I note you state that 15 working days have passed since making your complaint. According to our records, your complaint was sent to us on 10 February 2018, and we subsequently forwarded your complaint to the Kent Police PSD on 13 February 2018. The 15 working days within which Kent Police have to record your complaint therefore began on the 13 February 2018, giving them until 06 March 2018 to provide you with a recording decision.

I can therefore only advise that you await a recording decision from the PSD regarding your complaint at this stage.

Yours sincerely,

James Bromley

Customer Contact Advisor Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) PO Box 473 Sale M33 0BW

Tel: 0300 020 0096

Follow us on twitter @policeconduct

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