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9.05 am (UK-Time) 9 October 2021

Posted in Linkedin with the above Blog Post in Libertarian Democrat website: ‘This is the true libertarian. The person who has surmounted all obstacles to get to realise Shunyata, and the distinction in outlook from the Absolute to the Relative, described as being paramarthika and vyvaharika in Hinduism, respectively. One is then just totally free in total liberty and this would be the moksha or mukti that Hindus have sought since time immemorial’.


9.22am (UK-Time) 9 October 2021

Comments: If there is no God for me in vyvaharika, did my so-called visions, utterances and prophecies of 1997-1998 and since were revealed to me by a Higher Entity that I called Sri Krishna? Who is to tell. But I cannot worship that so-called Entity because I have no evidence for any such God in vyvaharika. I only have my dubious clock-checking so-called ‘consultations’ with God from 1999-2014 to go by. Why would any such God leave me to find my own way in life. What is the evidence for the preordination and preorchestration of the so-called Grand Design in vyvaharika. It is all conjecture and imagination. The mind conjures. This should be borne in mind, and I write this for the betterment of humanity so that no other person goes down the path that I did in these 24 wasted years of my life when I could have cooperated with the University of Greenwich in its Disciplinary action against me and still retained my career in science or secured my redundancy, or get a through investigation going then to clear my name. I sought to fight a dharmayudha in the Hindu way and that got me into the mental hospital on two occasions and then kept as an outpatient under the Care in the Community provisions of the National Health Service as semi-detention in a form of house arrest before I was discharged into primary care but still under enforced anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood-stabilising medications so that my reputation got from bad to worse over those 24 years. It was the interpretation of those visions, utterances and prophecies that I had reflected on that was the cause of my truth-search and led me to a dogfight with the State authorities of the United Kingdom just to be able to stay out of the mental hospital or even prison as well as in this country.

Even the construction of the Conservative Libertarian Society and its offshoots as well as Vishista-advaita conception I attributed to a God-given mission for me to restore the credibility of Hinduism and bring it all together as a Saviour for which I was expecting the award of ‘Bharat Ratna’ from as long back as 1999. Now it is all up in the air as something that I cannot be attached to in my Shunyata realisation that the vyvaharika is an illusion and there is no evidence of a God in this relative reality, let alone a God who resides in the psyche dormant in living beings and who may surface to get the living being to do different things under the Hindu concept of sanatan dharma.

So before I die, I wish to put the record straight for the only reality I know is that in vyvaharika illusion, my heart is beating and I am drinking coffee and typing this out since I got up this morning nonchalantly spontaneously and unpremeditatedly to see where it goes to from here. It is a disclaimer for everything that I have ever written during the past decades under the theme ‘The Allurement of Reality’, now in 12 Volumes.


Last Updated:10.00 am (UK-Time) 9 October 2021

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