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Review of my progress in generating Knowledge for World Conservation

I first embarked upon the idea that within my life I must set some ideal of what I should be doing with my time on Earth knowing that we humans only have a short life and so it should be put to good and productive use. I was a scientist engaged in the natural sciences and especially on how humans and plants interact together in Nature to form the ecosystem of the Planet that we inhabit. For good or for bad I found that after an 18 year career in experimental science, it had seen enough and utterances that I made led me to a vision of moving on to higher things from the noddy work of the basic sciences. Those utterances and writings coincided with a struggle to protect my reputation as a sane human being, but indepenant and isolationist in that I wished to preserve the sanctity of my mind in doing whatever came naturally to me. I chased that dream on the assumption that there was a Higher Power in the universe and this Higher Power had to be investigated in terms of what and how It manifested itself in Nature. I never attended a face-to-face Hearing at the disciplinary processes of the Institute that I worked for for I needed to be free and independent and let the Institute do whatever it decided on my material fate. I was married with a daughter so it was a long and hard struggle to get through, and I was further castigated by the Courts for bringing inmeritorious or vexatious and frivolous claims that were designed to chart my path forward in life in the quest for knowledge of the Higher Power that I had detected from my initial observations. I went through a topsy-turvy life of a struggle having being incarcerate in mental hospitals on two occassions under Sectioning in accordance with the Mental Health Act of the United Kingdom for what I had been doing in my life. Undeterred, I still needed to find out the truth on life to try and exhaust or prove the idea that the Higher Power did exist and if so what was the Nature of this Lord Almighty. In 2007 I first started developing websites, when I formed the Union of Petrol Station Foundation for World Development, but it failed to take any serious progress. In 2010 I started a Blog, Towards Knowledge for World Conservation with WordPress where I distilled and condensed the knowledge that I was gaining from visiting international Forums from the seclusion of my home, happy that the menial jobs that I was doing were sufficient to keep me afloat as I chased my quest for knowledge. I was always kept under the Consultant Psychiatrist’s supervision during these 23 years and was diagnosed first with persistent delusional disorder and latterly with paranoid schizophrenia. The Consultant Psychiatrist finally discharged me from under the Community Mental Health Team back to primary care still under anti-psychotic, anti-depressant and mood stablilising medications that I had always taken as prescribed on me. The original Blog with WordPress: had been archived and suspended by the Company and whilst I tried my utmost legally and through persuasion to get the ban lifted, I made no progress with these attempts. So I simultaneously and still undeterred whilst I still lived established further series of websites to continue with my investigations of the Higher Power at ; I interacted consistently until there were no further communications left to pursue and I wrote my Book, ‘The Allurement of Reality’ as attached: the-allurement-of-realityDownload This just about sums it up really. I am content to continue with the truth search still exploring whether we humans are pre-destined in accordance with the pre-ordainment and pre-orchestration of the unverse by a Higher Power. I am non-judgmental about this. This is because truth is a phenomenon that should be pursued moment by moment through updating one’s mind with the latest considerations and so cannot be curtailed by the presumption that one had found the truth at any given moment in time. This is the basis of Vishista-advaita Vedanta that I describe to relate to the Higher Power, if He/It truly exists in Reality, so that the conception is only a philosophy and not a religion. I am beyond religion, beyond dharma, beyond plans, beyond missions, beyond desires, beyond objectives, beyond anticipations, beyond expectations, beyond wishes, beyond hopes, and so on. That is the basis of my sanatan dharma, the duties and righteous actions (karma) that I consider each moment that I live, always immersing myself in Creation for life is for living, as a human being, not in surrender to any one be that human or a God. Slavery is anathema to my philosophy even if it takes me to destitution as unemployable even in menial jobs these days. Fortunately as Providence would have it I have a basic employment related pension to survive on until my State pension becomes available in two years time, and throughout the ups and downs of my life with my spouse where divorce was contemplated on several occasions because there was no meeting of minds as I did not even have family-dharma that would deter me from my libertarian mould, we have stayed together as a family and so move forwards to whatever is in store for me and us.

The Allurement of Reality
Download PDF • 3.43MB

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