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The Allurement of Reality

The Allurement of Reality

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What is clearer than declaring that I have come to a point where I am able to end my satya-advaita yoga of 24 years with the outcome of satisfaction guaranteed. Yes indeed: yoga is about searching for the truth. The truth must come within this lifetime for one knows no other lifetimes to come. My writings in the internet and in books can be read here:

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What ends in Samadhi is satya-advaita yoga for the truth-search satisfaction has been attained. One has understood everything there is to know, namely that people choose the level of Reality that they wish to operate in, the ultimate level being Shunyata or Nothingness. I cannot operate at this level of reality as I have a Court Case to consider, to be prepared for because I have to pursue the culprits who have terrorised me over 24 years for material justice, meaning damages and compensation financially. So I have to be very mindful of what I do from now on. No Brahmanism dharmayudha for that is a spiritual level of personal conduct and Courts do not consider that. Courts only consider ground realities, so I have to abandon spirituality altogether and be very materialistic from this point onwards. Once one has understood the entirety of Existence, one is able to choose the level of Reality that suits one’s circumstances in the visible world to operate in. I have to earn an income, so books have to be sold for which I will accumulate further evidence on ground realities of what the United Kingdom State is for a Hindu immigrant until the goal of self sufficiency in financial base is achieved. This is not fighting a Mahabharatta war, for that is dharmayudha. Fighting for one’s human rights is the tussle for survival, no purushottama for me, no mahatman for me. No need to be nice and goody two shoes to your enemies. Fight with no holds barred. I have to have my wits about me, be tactical for fighting could rebound and survival could be threatened if I go in too hard. Survive first and fight when the coast is clear as I did today to corner the State in its Court of justice with my email. When the time comes I will have to judge again what I am up against in redrafting my approach in the legal proceedings. For that numerous options are available including the Wordpress Blog and Hence satya-advaita yoga is over. I am done with truthsearch. I have all the ammunition that I could possibly need to attack the perpetrators of terrorism on me. The 10 books have been submitted to the Court in the attachment, ‘Autobiography of a Sadhaka in Samadhi’. I am not in Samadhi anymore for Samadhi is a spiritual concept. Be the Lord of the Jungle of Nature now. Have ambtions while life is still there. Bring the government of the United Kingdom to account.


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Comment: This is the present situation on the Allurement of Reality that I pursued for 24 years. Let me see what the day brings.


07.41 am hours (UK-Time) 4 October 2021

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