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The Leaders of Great Britain

Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane


To Mrs Theresa May

Dear Mrs May

I see that neither you directly nor your legal representative Adele Miller or Ravi Patel has responded to my request this morning for information on how much debt I am in, given the fact that the District Judge appointed by Judge Parfitt at the Central London County Court to adjudicate on costs in favour of the Defendant is dragging his deceitful heels in stretching my suffering unendingly as State-organised persecution on me.

I have never ever been charged with abuse of the process of court that the Supreme Court has endorsed in response to my 5 September 2020 Appeal, nor ever have been found to have been in contempt of court, nor to have been a vexatious litigant who indulges in inmeritorious Claims that are frivolous, nor have I been charged with sedition, treason, or undermining the State for wanting to punch the final nail in the coffin of the British State as we know it for over a decade in its continuing insistence of wishing to maintain a nation of morons in a Police State and so for my attempts to dethrone the Queen legally through the Court action under Claim E35YM660 and impeachment process in the House of Commons, or through my political Party, The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom. I was also not found guilty of forensic conduct either by Dr Michael Kingham the Forensic Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House, Gillingham, Kent brought in by Dr Odesanya the Consultant Psychiatrist to examine me.

Do you know why I have never been charged with any kind of offences except for a trumped-up charge of speeding by Kent Police? I will tell you now. It is because I wanted out of this God-forsaken country of the United Kingdom, but international conspiracy blocked my passage to any one of a dozen countries where I sought asylum including through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the Refugee Council of the United Kingdom; and Amnesty International was informed of this way back. When I did finally pack my bags in 2004 and went to Dover to take up the asylum offered to me by OFPRA of France so as to catch a ferry, I was arrested by Dover Police under false pretences of having an invalid passport to travel on and then incarcerated in a mental hospital for three months where I was a political prisoner and I made that clear to the hospital authorities. So, I was stuck in the Satan-evil country of the United Kingdom and had no choice but to engage in Brahmanism to struggle to freedom with as much intelligence that I could muster. All the time, I was under mental health supervision, being incarcerated again in 2008 for another month. But my dharmayudha persisted and even today I am fighting to protect my reputation as not only the sanest person living now in the world, but who has ever lived in the history of mankind, and also the most creative genius who has ever lived: a master of escapology.

So, under false pretences, I am side-lined out of employment and Personal Independence payments, and 55 law firms were blocked from representing me in front of the State authorities. You and Mr Boris Johnson watched and laughed at my plight as did Mr Tony Blair when he was the Prime Minister, yet the present Prime Minister has the gall to call out China for so-called violation of the human rights of its Muslim Uighur minority population whom the State has been trying to bring into their nation in a civilised manner with all the care that they can provide in institutions that educate the moronic Muslims.

When will you provide me with your Defence accordingly on Claim E35YM660?


Thanks for your message - we will reply as soon as possible.

20.43 pm hours (UK-Time) 26 March 2021

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