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The reasons why there must be second referendum on United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union

For years I felt that independence was good, to be free of the controls of the European Union, as argued here: I joined the United Kingdom Independence Party to effect that change.

I am no longer of the view that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union and will campaign for a second referendum on whether this should take place. This is not just because the first vote was very close (52 per cent of voters voted to Leave and 48 percent to Remain) although the different views of politicians on issues such as belonging to the Single Market and Customs Union does have a bearing on this issue. The future is uncertain under these circumstances.

My reason for campaigning to remain part of the European Union is that citizens of the United Kingdom need the European Court of Justice to protect themselves against the tyranny of the UK State against well meaning citizens. I have been able to avail that opportunity as narrated here:

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