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The single most underrated feature for new websites.

The single most underrated feature for new websites.


from: SimpleSite Customer Service <>


date: 17 Mar 2021, 11:37

subject: Re: The single most underrated feature for new websites.


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On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 11:37 AM, Shantanu Panigrahi <> wrote:

from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

to: "" <>,,

date: 17 Mar 2021, 11:37

subject: Re: The single most underrated feature for new websites.


Dear Wordpress

Thank you for this suggestion, it is most welcome because I know I have not taken up an upgrade yet to the website that I tentatively set up this weekend, and I am still exploring means of extracting past contents that I wish to refer to when I constructed the preliminary basis of my studies on the Humanities as it is related to the Origin of the Species. You will recall my major site 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation' from 2010-2018 that was archived and suspended for violations of terms of usage although you had not clarified what these were except for referring to posts relating to Kent Police and the Court proceedings. The website also had associated with it 'Abiogenesis Review', ‘Discussion Forum for Truth Seekers', ‘How modern humans came about', ‘Satyaadvaita' and 'Postage Stamps of the World' My account Gravatar was shantanup, and the main website was

I need to refer to the materials that I posted in those sites and if you would see it in your heart to restore the websites temporarily so that I can retrieve the essential ingredients for the present website, most notably on the article on the way I approached abiogeneisis-review in the submission of the post to the magazine Nature, and the post 'The Economic Doomsday Scenario for the future of the Planet' etc, I would be very grateful to you. Or if you would prefer it to send them to me by email as attachments (all of it) that would be most kind of Wordpress. In this regard, I am having similar problems with Simplesite, except that this Company has kept its doors open: ToSimpleSite7Mar2021.docx; To&FrSimplesite17Mar2021.docx, and I am currently copying out the needed materials for the new Wordpress Site that you are referring to in this email.

As you are aware from the lack of Judgement at the Central London County Court with respect to my Claim E35YM660 that incorporated HQ17X01773 at the Queens Bench Division of Her Majesty the Queen's High Court, all the contents of all those materials at Wordpress and SimpleSite are checked as being above-board, lawful and constitutional in terms of the jurisdiction of HHJ Parfitt where the Hearing of 19 January 2021 10.00-am to 10.15 therefore remains adjourned pending your deliberations on the restoration of the Wordpress Blog and the Simple Site 'Shantanu's Humanology' Blog.

I was looking for a means to get this message across to you at the website but could not find a Support Section to lodge the query, so could not find any way of resuscitating this dispute of 2 years since Dr Masoud, the Mental Health Institution's Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House, Gillingham, Kent passed her Care-Plan Order (attached): FrDrMasoud6Jul2019.docx, that Dr Odesanya has not yet commented on as to my mental welfare of getting them restored: FrDrOdesanua(CAREPLAN)11Mar2021.docx

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619






On Wed, 17 Mar 2021 at 10:42, <> wrote:

Hi Shantanu,

One of my favorite parts of is the widgets -- little extras you can add to to include more content and functionality, like photo galleries or social media buttons. Adding widgets is a great way to instantly customize your site (and you don’t need to know any code)!

To add a widget,

Open the Customizer

Click on the Widgets tab and select the area where you want the widget to go, like the Sidebar (left or right column) or Footer (bottom) of your site.

Click on + Add a Widget. Scroll through the list and pick one.

Every widget has options to customize -- test them out! You can always add or remove them, so have some fun exploring. Once you’re happy with your new widgets, hit Save & Publish to add them to your site.

Customize my site

Want to bookmark these instructions for later or watch a how-to video? Click here for the full tutorial.


Travis W.


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to: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

date: 17 Mar 2021, 11:37

subject: Thank you for contacting the support team! (#3829590)


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