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Two more anonymous emails sent in by the UK State to me

Last night and this morning saw further anonymous threateninig emails sent in to me by agents acting for the UK State that I need to defend myself in Court for should the opportunity arise presumably. The first email was:

SENT VIA MSE. For eyes of Shantanu Panigrahi only Anonymous To 23 Dec 2017 at 22:30

Could your future travelling necessarily be of the arnchair variety? Aren’t you likely to be arrested and charged with racially aggravated hate speech over material you wrote and published at two years ago? On that page you call the British race a “pigshit” people, “bastards” and other obscenities, which is frankly disgusting. The offence carries, on conviction, a maximum sentence of a long term of imprisonment, or a large fine, or both. I could tell you what these are, and what the likelihood is that you are guilty, and what might qualify as mitigation, but why should I? It could be too much of a hint as to my identity. Editing or deleting what you put there may be tempting but can also be seen as an admission of guilt. It is already archived or cached in many publicly accessible places so it would also be in one respect pointless. I suspect one of the many people you have upset have reported this as a hate crime, explaining the fact-finding visit you recently enjoyed. Last month I got an anonymous email about it, the sender getting my email address because you reproduced one or more letter from me to you on this blog, The email asked me to report it, Knowing your condition, I did not report it, even though you continue to persecute me. I also suspect you won’t publish this comment. I understand your fear or hypocrisy, Luckily for them, I don’t judge other Hindoos by your standards of conduct. Happy Christmas. JS Reply Reply to All Forward More

The second email received this morning was the following:

bad bad trouble ahead ? Anonymous Remailer (austria) To 24 Dec 2017 at 11:58

I fear for you Shan. The bastards you have exposed are determined to crush you. How I know? Because I work with some of them. We have a corrupt and evil judiciary, a corrupt and evil judicial administration system, a corrupt, evil and biased crown prosecution service, corrupt or complicit lawyers (most) and worst of all a police force so wicked that words would fail me. Someone else asked you, you put this on your site, or wrote yourself, the question whether or not you have a dog. You understand that is a code phrase used among those in the know, it is a metaphor that the best way to defend against police fabricating or planting truly damaging material which is then used to get you locked up for years is to keep a dog, who will alert you when such material is introduced into your house, thrown into your garden, or … The dog will smell it or sense it should not be there. Use your imagination about what they could right now be plotting to introduce. You are very eccentric but are not stupid. They hate you for many reasons. Remember what they did to Damian Green and how powerful he was? They are unafraid. These police who are denying you justice are very dangerous. So “Do you have a dog?” Good luck, happy winter break.


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Comment: I wrote to Mr John Howarth MEP asking him to chase up the Case submitted to the Council of Europe for the European Court of Human Rights but have received no reply. .

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