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Voting in the Referendum for the United Kingdom to Leave the European Union

The long awaited date of 23 June 2016 was finally upon me when I would get the chance to voice my concerns on where this country that I made my home in and have battled hard to stay within is heading. I was not going to miss this opportunity to express my view in the democratic process of the referendum that UK should now leave the European Union. I cast my vote to indicate this preference early this morning. I will briefly summarise my considerations in this blog-post.

I was not worried about the economic gurus from across the board from industry and national and international bodies such as the International Monetary Fund indicating that the economy of UK would shrink as a result of leaving the European Union. Firstly, there is no certain reason as to why there should be a decline in the long term when UK’s new-found freedom to forge links with the rest of the world’s economies had been acted upon. But even if a decline in the short to medium term did take place, I look upon the fact that we humans have to balance economic growth with quality of life attained when migration is reduced to bare essentials and a better natural environment results to be the the relevant determinant of the economic activities that is allowed to take place in a country. The natural beauty of the United Kingdom has been decimated by the relentless march of economic development that was drawing in millions of immigrants. Without migrants technological development will take place to fill the gap in economic needs. Recent development has come at a cost to human needs in terms of human rights and wider environmental sustainability that have had to be sacrificed which includes the value of the biodiversity that has been lost. Urbanisation, that is the production of new buildings and roads, cannot go on indefinitely without impacting adversely on the quality of life that the natural world brings to our lives.

By having control over the minute details of how we govern ourselves we can work towards an economy that is in harmony with the environment, including with the global human environment. The way to break down barriers between peoples of different nations is to dismantle trade associations such as the European Union and NATO and deal with the realities that face people in each and every country around the world on a one by one basis. We must not distinguish between a France to trade with or the French as a people and say Kenya or Kenyans in our international relations. To give such preferences to European states would be abominable as homo sapiens is one species of humanity. Competitions is healthy and nation states must live to compete with each other as they develop their individual cultures.

The current world population is unsustainable in terms of the supply of food and water resources, and world population is set to rise further over the next twenty years. Migration is a symptom of that over population. We humans must therefore live so as to be responsible for our own actions. Each country has to ensure that its population does not rise beyond its capacity to feed, clothe and house its inhabitants. For this we need to work towards generating the prosperity that is optimal to our individual capital, land and water resources given the size of our populations. Thus, we must first fix the nations population that we are comfortable with in terms of environmental considerations and then the rest of the economy will follow, not the other way round. Having more people will require more public services such as hospitals, schools, houses, roads, food, water, etc while at the same time diminishing our capacity to produce our own food needs.

There are countries in the European Union unable to sustain themselves, including Greece, Poland, Romania etc. Greece for example has become a gateway for immigrants from other poorer parts of the world attracted by the prosperity of the European nations. The countries that are unable to provide for themselves are welcome to being part of the European Union. The UK is not one of those countries being the fifth largest economy in the world. It therefore has no self-interest reason to subscribe to the European Union to effectively share its resources with the rest of the countries that are assembled in it.

Fundamentally, quality of life is also determined by our ability to live to democratic ideals and libertarian principles in which people are free. Why should this be important, one may ask. My answer is that God made us free, but nation states have trapped us all into their regimes to fulfil the needs of the States. Independence from the European Union is also a question of developing a nation with the best possible democracy. People must have the right and means to elect people into power close to where they live and must therefore be able to remove them from power over their lives if they fail to deliver what the people individually need. The laws that govern us must serve our people by taking account of its intrinsic diversity. This means that we in the UK must not be part of free movement of labour from across Europe. Every country has to maintain its own population from its own means. This alone concentrates minds on developing systems that are sustainable for each country. A German of a French leader must have no say in how I live in the United Kingdom because I do not like their culturesand histories and do not trust them with my welfare or that of my neighbours that I like to associate with. I like the British system that I have lived in for 45 years and I like the people with whom I have lived and have personally evolved. Furthermore, I do not get a vote in German or French national elections to elect the leaders like Angela Merkel as Chancellor or President Hollande so to that let them have control over me is very undemocratic.

By keeping nations small we generate camaraderie among its inhabitants who can be made to follow a patriotic raison d’etre to do good things for the country and form a community so that individuals and society benefit from all of us singing from the same hymn sheet as we take care of ourselves. This is the basis of national integration. From an examination of cultural human development it is apparent that there is a certain optimum social group size beyond which camaraderie is non-existent. This fundamental principle should be the basis of nation building within the concept of an ideal society.

The Result of the Referendum The country as a whole voted to leave the European Union sending shock waves through out the international money markets because no one was expecting such a result. There were 17.4 million votes in favour of leaving and 16.1 million votes in favour of remaining in the European Union giving percentage in favour of Leaving as 51.9% versus 48.1% for Remain with a 72.2 % electorate turn out. There were however regional differences in that Scotland voted about 62% to 38% in favour of Remaining and immediately the Scottish National Party led by Nicola Sturgeon announced that it was wrong democratically for the people of Scotland to be dragged out of the European Union against their will so that it would be looking to press for another referendum for independence from the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland also voted 55% to 45% in favour of remaining raising some to consider the scope for reunification with the Republic of Ireland.

The Prime Minister, immediately announced his resignation to be effective from October at the Conservative Party conference. This was an entirely honourable thing to do for David Cameron had failed to carry the people in with his ideas for the future direction of the country.

The Governor of the Bank of England immediately came on television and announced that it would do whatever was necessary to ensure financial stability which seemed to calm the markets after the pound suffered substantial fall in value as the markets digested the potential turmoil that might result from the referendum.

I was very happy although I would have liked to see a minimum 6-7 per cent lead for Leave instead of 4 per cent that had came about to be certain that this was a mandate for immediate action to invoke the exit officially. This is due to the margin of error in guaging real public opinion at a given moment in time so that the results can truly be said to be repeatable if another referendum was held the next week on the same question. The European Union announced that it would like the exit-proceedings for the UK to take place immediately rather than the country waiting for a new Prime Minister to be in place in October before Article 50 of the Treaty is activated. Senior figures came on television and announce that there would be no change to the circumstances of the immigrants from Eastern Europe who had come into the United Kingdom from Eastern Europe for the time being. These were positive moves from the Prime Minister to reassure the markets and investors.

Twenty four hours after the result of the referendum I feel very optimistic about the future. The United Kingdom’s standing in the world has increased immeasurably by the change in direction. As a person of Indian origin and feeling a strong historical association with the United Kingdom from that history, the Commonwealth has been safeguarded and should be developed for mutual benefit of the peoples in it.


1. Well, I wish I could share your optimism, but I think GB is circling the drain. Scotland will mandate independence. Wales and N. Ireland may follow. The economy will tank. This may result in a much more, ovrtly, racist country and will be aimed at people of ethnic backgrounds such as India, Pakistan, Arabs, etc. I’d start packing your bags. In the meantime, I’m not above takingadvantage of things. With the pound in declaine, my wife and I are planning a week in London next spring. We’ll just pretend to be Canadians, if anyone asks (unless they’re cops or something like that).

Comment by egregious_c | June 30, 2016 | Reply

o Nice to hear from you Egregious. Let me make my present attitude clear:

Terminating my support for the Conservative Party

Yesterday (29 June 2016) David Cameron told Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Leader of the Labour Party during Prime Ministers Question Time in Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn was in fine form during this weekly event which must have rattled David Cameron into the following loud mouth tirade as he called on Jeremy Corbyn to step down as leader of the Labour party with the words: “I have to say to the honorable gentleman, frankly he talks about job insecurity and my two months to go,” the PM said in response to a question about job insecurity. “It might be in my party’s interest for him to sit there – it is not in the national interest. I would say: for heaven’s sake, man, go!”

My immediate reaction to this was to question why is Cameron interfering in the workings of the Labour Party? It seemed to me that this was the Conservative Party trying to render the political opposition to it totally ineffective because they know that there is no other person in the Labour Party capable to taking on the Tories on issues of social development of the nation. From my youth I was attracted to Labour and trade unionism but during my late adult life I had looked for other political parties to support after being totally disillusioned by the policies of New Labour under Tony Blair. I tried the Liberal Democrats first but found myself in strong opposition to their lack of support for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. This was a fundamental question upon which all other decisions on national politics and economy had to be based. I therefore joined the United Kingdom Independence Party but when my application to stand as their Member of Parliament was not considered I reported the matter to the Police as an act that resulted from a certain hate that generates racial discrimination. In the meantime, the Conservatives had at least offered a referendum on UK’s membership of the European Union so I voted for Conservatives at the 2010 general and local elections just so that the referendum could take place within my lifetime.

Now that the referendum has taken place and generated a Leave outcome so that there is nothing more to be done with regard to the nation’s foreign policies I am turning my attention to basic politics and as such resuming my beliefs in the furtherance of Green Socialism. The continued intransigence of the State on my struggle for justice on the Conservatives watch following the years of fruitless struggle under New Labour’s watch are factors that convince me that Jeremy Corbyn needs to be supported to retain control of the Labour Party and bring the Labour Party to its core values, especially since he is believed not to be fully convinced of the arguments for the UK to remain as part of the European Union. It was therefore heartening to see that Jeremy Corbyn has not resigned and intends to fight on to retain his leadership through the democratic process of the Labour Party. If he succeeds I will support the Labour Party again and try to push it into the direction of Green Socialism that I believe in and have written about in my Blog. When I say that I am optimistic about the future this is what I envisage as the new developments that will come about and dictate what I must do to attain the next political direction of the United Kingdom.

I am not going anywhere. The UK is my home. And I intend to play a full part in shaping the destiny of the United Kingdom.

Comment by shantanup | June 30, 2016 | Reply

2. That’s all well and good, but your personal politics don’t mattr. Nationalism will increaseand when the economy shits the bed, they’ll blame folks like you. It will be open season, much like the Jews in Germany in the 30s. Pack your bags or write a will.

Comment by egregious_c | June 30, 2016 | Reply

o As a Democrat, and as I wrote in my piece, I would have liked to see a minimum 6-7 per cent lead for either the Leave or the Remain side to have confidence that the result of the referendum are repeatable. The Electoral Commission should have been called in to see if the campaign for Leave or Remain misled the public for one thing and whether therefore a second referendum should not be held before any action is taken. It seems to me that the Conservative Party rather jumped the gun with the Prime Minister’s immediate resignation by accepting that the Leave side did win the argument conclusively. The correct thing to have done is to reflect on the result and go back to the drawing board and ask the European Union to see if it would offer further concessions to what was negotiated which could then be put to the electorate again in a second referendum.

Comment by shantanup | June 30, 2016 | Reply

3. None of that really matters. It’s just politicsand from what I’ve read, it.s a complete clusterfuck. The real aftrmath will be in the lives of avrageBritish folk, and those like yourself who will bear the brunt of the unhappiness and anger that is certain to follow. Wget out while you still can.

Comment by egregious_c | June 30, 2016 | Reply

o There is no way that I can give up my truth path. It has taken me to various places for a reason: to acquire knowledge and to improve things. Satya-advaita ensures that I survive and survive well – with dignity.

In the United Kingdom we have a most vibrant democracy. I am very enthused by it and will play my full role in shaping the future of this country. I have fought very hard to protect my reputation. My reputation is that I am not mentally ill as has been alleged but that I have followed a truth path in wanting to do good for the United Kingdom and for mankind by continually pursuing truth and justice. I will never leave the United Kingdom to live in any other country. For good or for bad, the country has to accommodate me. I do not live in fear of what might happen to me as a result of my pursuits so much of which is blogged. I am ready and well prepared to answer any questions that anyone might have of my endeavours.

So I repeat I am not going anywhere because I want justice and will work to that end and try and improve my material situation.

Comment by shantanup | July 1, 2016 | Reply

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