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Wordpress and the International Criminal Court

RE: Early Access To Full Site Editing!




OTP InformationDesk <>


Shantanu Panigrahi


OTP InformationDesk

Mon, 24 Jan at 10:17

Dear Madam / Sir,

Thank you for your message. Please note that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has a very limited jurisdiction. The Court may only address the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression, as defined by Articles 6 to 8 bis of the Rome Statute that have occurred after 2002, and can only exercise jurisdiction in the countries that have ratified it.

For more information on the Court’s jurisdiction and the full text of the Rome Statute, please refer to page 2 of the attached document and our website as well as our address, We encourage you to carefully review this information.

If, after your careful review, you still believe the ICC is the correct place for your case and would like to submit a claim to the Court, then please follow the directions for how to do so on page 1 of the attached document. If you decide to submit information, kindly use only this email address:

Kind regards,

OTP Information Desk

International Criminal Court

Chère Madame / Cher Monsieur,

Merci pour votre message. Veuillez noter que la compétence de la Cour Pénale Internationale (CPI) est très limitée. En effet, elle ne peut connaître que du crime de génocide, des crimes contre l'humanité, des crimes de guerre et le crime d’agression, ainsi que définis aux articles 6 à 8 bis du Statut de Rome, qui ont été commis après 2002. En outre, la Cour ne peut exercer sa compétence que pour les Etats qui ont ratifié le Statut de Rome.

Pour de plus amples informations au sujet de la compétence de la Cour et pour consulter le texte intégral du Statut de Rome, veuillez-vous référer à la page 2 du document ci-joint et au site internet de la Cour, Nous vous encourageons à lire attentivement ces informations.

Si, après un examen minutieux, vous pensez toujours que la CPI est l'endroit approprié pour votre affaire et que vous souhaitez soumettre une demande à la Cour, veuillez suivre les instructions à la page 1 du document ci-joint pour savoir comment le faire. Si vous décidez de soumettre des informations, veuillez utiliser uniquement cette adresse e-mail :

Bien cordialement,

Bureau des informations

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

Sent: 21 January 2022 22:37

To: OTP InformationDesk <>

Cc: <>; <>;

Subject: Fw: Early Access To Full Site Editing!


The Prosecutor

Dear Sir

You had advised me that I would get your full written reasons as to why no action has been taken against Wordpress for removing my Blog and from the public domain without explanation as to how I had violated its terms of use and even if I had for some unknown reason, not giving me the opportunity to change the contents of the websites to what would be more appropriate given that I had held the Blog for a decade with no complaints from Wordpress nor from any member of the public within the United Kingdom or elsewhere, but I have not received your clarification of the jurisdiction against this single oppressor who are here annoying and harassing me in a punitive manner because the Courts of the United Kingdom have not taken any action against these perpetrators of inhumanity as a crime against humanity and an act of aggression on me. The full details of the material being suppressed should be forced into the consideration of the Court through a subpoena to Wordpress's Chief Executive in the United States of America

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

----- Forwarded message -----

From: <>

To: "" <>

Sent: Friday, 21 January 2022, 20:51:39 GMT

Subject: Early Access To Full Site Editing!

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This message contains information that may be privileged or confidential and is the property of the International Criminal Court. It is intended only for the person to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, you are not authorized by the owner of the information to read, print, retain copy, disseminate, distribute, or use this message or any part hereof. If you receive this message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete this message and all copies hereof.

Les informations contenues dans ce message peuvent être confidentielles ou soumises au secret professionnel et elles sont la propriété de la Cour pénale internationale. Ce message n’est destiné qu’à la personne à laquelle il est adressé. Si vous n’êtes pas le destinataire voulu, le propriétaire des informations ne vous autorise pas à lire, imprimer, copier, diffuser, distribuer ou utiliser ce message, pas même en partie. Si vous avez reçu ce message par erreur, veuillez prévenir l’expéditeur immédiatement et effacer ce message et toutes les copies qui en auraient été faites.

Download all attachments as a zip file

Article 15 - How To Submit Claim - FR1.pdf 134kB

Article 15 - How To Submit Claim - ENG.PDF 138.5kB

Article 15 - How To Submit Claim - FR1
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Article 15 - How To Submit Claim - ENG
Download PDF • 142KB

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