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Satya-advaita yoga after Samadhi retained its truth-accommodational state and so the entirety of this autobiography in 11 Sections under the Theme The Allurement of Reality with its diverse examinations that discovered the Nature of Reality in Brahma-Nature and the Realisation of the Absolute Truth of Shunyata still truth-accommodated as a Relgion, a way of life for me. It can never change no matter what happens to me in the future. I am not attached to any of my conceptions, and continue with truth-accommodation for the joy I get from exposing new realities is beyond compare. Sheer ananda of Hinduism. Hence the Vedanta of Satya-Advaita Vadanta is alluded to in this Edition of 'Miscellany'. So Satya-advaita is a Way of Life, of Truth-seeking to truth-accommodate.

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