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The Maharishi of Hinduism tidies up loose ends in the experience of the Allurement of Reality spurred on from awakening visions, utterances and propheses that he had to move on from the 'noddy' work of poultry nutrition and Agricultural Development within Environmental Science to get to the echelons of Hinduism to be awarded recognition in the history of mankind.

Associated Books in the series under the theme 'The Allurement of Reality':

A Conception of Reality, Navigating the State of the United Kingdom, Searching for Mental Health Services, Karma in Santan Dharma, The Preliminaries of an Allurement of Reality, The Climate Change Phenomenon, Maryada Purushottama Bhagwan Ram, Truth-accommodation (Satya-advaita), Post-realisation Musings, Autobiograhpy of a Sadhaka in Samadhi, Miscellany, Mind and Mindfulness, Sri Krishna's Maya, The Final Unfolding of Truth, A Review of the Status Quo, The Evolution of Democratic Ideals, Withstanding State-organised persecution. The Maharishi of Hinduism tells it all like It is.

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