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Changing oneself for the better

Posted on August 25, 2013 by shantanup

The only change one needs to make is to work towards ones own future to ensure that one is surviving well in this world to have a long and healthy life. This comes from putting effort into learning what is good for one’s body and mind and doing that so as to keep them in healthy condition. Healthy condition for the mind means free of junk thoughts and beliefs. Healthy condition for the body means free from self imposed illness through incorrect food and liquid intake and daily work and exercise habits. Both mind and body are cared for if one takes steps to earn a decent wage/salary to meet one’s needs.

One must not do anything to ‘impress others to inculcate in them’ anything. That is their own business. One must mind one’s own business only; live ones own life, not live other peoples lives for them. One must therefore only state the truth as one knows it and say to others this is what I do because I have found that this is the truth that makes my body and mind content and I am a happy person as a result. One must not preach as though one has got extra-special knowledge without a discussion of how that knowledge is extra-special and indeed if it is true at all.

There is no other change for the better.

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