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Concluding Discussion submitted to AuthorhouseUK for the printing of the full book, The Allurement o

Concluding Discussion submitted to AuthorhouseUK for the printing of the full book, The Allurement of Reality

31 October 2015

AuthorhouseUK seemed to be acting to prevent the truth of my suffering from being published in a book form for worldwide circulation to cover up the details, so on this morning I contacted the Court again with the following email:

Refund of my £586 paid to Authorhouse (6)


Shan Panigrahi <>


Ivy Mendola; Enquiries Medway County; Ccmcc Customer Enquiries

Today at 7:45 AM



via Ivy Mendola

Dear Sir

1. I sent an email returned to your company's Ms Rebecca Carter, as follows:

Shan Panigrahi <>


AuthorHouse Rebecca Carter

Oct 29 at 9:34 PM

Dear Rebecca,

Mr Larkin clearly told me that there was no time-limit for the submission of the final draft. Have you now altered the Title to delete 'Phase 1: Searching in Uncertainty?


2. It is clear from the lack of a reply to this email that our negotiations for publication of my books with Authorhouse have broken down irretrievably and accordingly, I must now have my refund of £586 full payment for my first book, The Allurement of Reality. I am not interested in any further discussions with your company on revisions of my books to meet your continually-changing criteria.

3. Accordingly, I am requesting Medway County Court to make a Court Order for this amount made payable to me (plus any Court Fee that the Court requires for this action) when the Court opens business on Monday 2 Nov 2015.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

However, Authorhouse replied asking for a revision as if to keep its option to not publish the details in order to suppress the truth of my persecution to protect the British State, as follows:

Ivy Mendola <> Dear Dr. Shantanu Panigrahi, Good day! I hope this email message finds you well. Thank you for taking the time to reply my email efficiently, as explained to you before we do not set deadlines as to w


Shan Panigrahi

Today at 9:21 AM

Dear Dr. Shantanu Panigrahi,

Good day!

I hope this email message finds you well. Thank you for taking the time to reply my email efficiently, as explained to you before we do not set deadlines as to when you will be able to submit your revise manuscript and yes, Mr. Alan Larkin is correct about that.

We at AuthorHouse UK want you to give your book a once over before submitting it to us. You said it yourself that you will be doing revisions, which is not a problem hence we do not have time limit for the manuscript submission.

We did not alter anything from the agreement. Also, the agreement sent to you is the same generic agreement we sent to all the authors who publish with AuthorHouse UK.

All the best,

Ivy Mendola

Supervisor, Publishing Sales


1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington, IN 47403

Toll Free: 0800 1974150 ext: 5620

I responded immediately by developing the 500-page full version of the book as discussed in correspondence with the company and sent it in reply to this email as an updated draft containing the following Concluding Discussion to the book: ‘This autobiographical account of my studies of hard facts on a scientific basis and of the search for the truth about God shows that God is a personal God who resides in one’s mind and can be evoked if He does not take it upon Himself to commandeer a person as an avatar. Further, it shows that God dishes out justice in real life to evil-perpetrators, in this case the British State for persecuting me over a 17 year period to protect the racists of the University of Greenwich and its co-conspirators who ruined my blossoming scientific career at an age when my career was about to take off sky-high and I was beginning to receive interests for Professorships. Because I had always previously been a believer in a divine power and went to temples to acknowledge this awareness doing our puja rituals diligently thus taking the supernatural seriously God gave me visions of the great struggle that I would be embarking on in order to restore my reputation among human beings as a person of basically good character. He directed me to provoke the racists in Britain to get them to display their racism so that these things could go on record for the world to see. Not just that, God led me through great suffering in the persecution that I suffered to show how the British State manipulates not only its own moronic citizens but also bodies internationally for example at the High Commission of India and other embassies, and at the United Nations. God did so because through my struggle I would be seeking the truth about the hidden secret societies that dish out injustices on ordinary people in order to safeguard what can only be privileges of birth and inheritance that characterize the administration of the British State. The experience of my adult life as narrated in this book shows that the level of British evil is breathtaking in that a person with a PhD and Post-Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Development and 30 plus scientific papers in international journals, in order to earn £84 a week so that his family does not continually drift into Bank overdrafts in managing their monthly finances, has been written off by Mr David Cameron, the Prime Minister, and consigned into the dustbin of society in that I have been having to get up at 4.30 am each morning at the age of 58 and go to a local Newsagent to do the most menial of jobs imaginable – to lift heavy packages of newspapers and mark house addresses on each newspaper for the paperboys and paper girls to then deliver to local households, while the government persecuted me through their judicial institutions to deny me justice against the criminals who they themselves organised to terrorise me.’

With this page, I wrote to Authorhouse the following ultimatum: ‘I will leave the final formatting of the book to AuthorhouseUK before you send it to the printers for its sale release before 30 November 2015 - unless there is anything further that your Content Evaluator spots as needing to change from AuthorhouseUK's perspective’.

There was no reply thus confirming what I had begun to suspect that AuthorhouseUK is an arm of the British State, just like the journalists of the British Broadcasting Corporation and News Corporation which had earlier remained silent to my requests to publicise the details of my Case. The facts will reveal themselves when the courts to whom the morning’s email was sent have to sit and determine their next move of whether to order AuthorhouseUK to refund my money, in which case I will demand compensation, in accordance with previous submissions to the court, or will remain as shameless as ever in the continuation of the persecution.

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