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Your email that you are acting for the Present Prime Minister and not Mrs Theresa May


from: forz khan <>

to: David Foreman <>,

Shantanu Panigrahi <>,

"" <>

cc: "" <>,

"" <>,

"" <>

date: 25 Mar 2021, 17:53

subject: Re: Your email that you are acting for the Present Prime Minister and not Mrs Theresa May


Signed by:

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Dear All

Please note that I do not act for, nor represent Dr Panigrahi.

Please do not include me in any further correspondence.

Kindest regards.

F. Khan.


Middle Temple.

Trinity 1988.

The Chambers of F. Khan, London

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From: David Foreman <>

Sent: 25 March 2021 16:11

To: Shantanu Panigrahi <>; <>

Cc: forz khan <>; <>; <>; <>

Subject: Re: Your email that you are acting for the Present Prime Minister and not Mrs Theresa May

Dear Dr,

CLK Legal do not represent you and have no relevance to the contents of the email below.

Please take me off this email list.

Many thanks

Kind Regards,

David Foreman

Senior Clerk

CLK Legal

16 High Holborn,



t: +44 (0)208 616 7290


From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

Sent: 25 March 2021 04:05

To: <>

Cc: <>; David Foreman <>; <>; <>; <>

Subject: Your email that you are acting for the Present Prime Minister and not Mrs Theresa May

Dear Ms Miller

Many thanks for your email of 14.36 hours today, the 25th of May.

It was somewhat cryptic even to a layman like me so I thought it might be best to have it clarified as to what matter it is that you wish to discuss in light of the attached Judgment or Order of the Central London County Court (CentralLondonCountyCourtJudgementorOrderJanuary 2021.docx; and my immediate reply to the Court as attached ToCentralLondonCountyCourt(E35YM660DISPOSAL)22Mar2021.docx.

I telephoned the Central London County Court this morning and spoke to male official saying that I had accepted the decision of His Honour Judge Parfit that the matter should go to a District Judge for adjudication, and that I had written to Mr Ravi Patel to make clear the demands and the Defendant for whom he has been acting and prior to that Stephen Green and Mr Thomas Bartlett, so that a Hearing will be needed to ascertain the details of how the evolving Particulars of Claim were defended from the Case Management of the Claim if these have now been endorsed by the Central London County Court as having been lawful and legitimate according to the statutes pertaining to the successive judgments from DDJ, Judge Backhous, Judge Letham, Judge Didge, Judge Parfitt. You will recall that I had demanded £15 million in total as damages and compensation for the 23 years of misconduct in the errors of judgment of successive courts of Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service, and when I ran out of funds to continue with the litigation following the decision of my Barristers Mr Forz Khan and Mr David Foreman not to act on my behalf in the manner that I required them to do even after producing £3000 credited to the Account of Mr Forz Khan to register the private prosecution against Ms Max Hill, the Director of Public Prosecutions at Medway Magistrates Court with it intransigence such that I demanded my money back, I decided that I would withdraw the acquiesence to Judge Parfitt's Judgement and Order and will not pay a single penny of any costs awarded against me to any of the interested parties, the respondents and Defendants as set out in my email to Mr Ravi Patel attached: ToRaviPatelccKMPT(E35YM660)22Mar2021.docx.

You did not see these emails so I thought now would be the appropriate time for me to bring them to your Notice, so that we can engage in a constructive discussion of the Claimant's Submission: CLAIMANT'S SUBMISSION21Mar2021.docx; to which we need to add the proceedings of the Employment Tribunals dating back to 1999, for which a Hearing is scheduled at the Ashford Hearing Centre on 10 May 2021 at 2.00 pm that I will attend unrepresented.

I could not read the attachment that you sent because the Pop-up blocker had blocked me.

So please just summarise your demand as a single figure with total number of hours spent so far by all the interested parties, respondents and defendants and the rate per hour that was used to calculate the costs, and also send me your Bank Account Number with the Sort Code Number immediately with a Direct Debit facility of payment of your costs at £10 per month from my Santander Account.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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Noted with thanks.

Many thanks.


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