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Further Developments

This blog on ‘The Nature of the Lord I experienced’ was posted on explicit guidance from God before the start of a new week that together with the two previous blog posts on State-organised criminal conspiracy had thrown down the gauntlet for any person, institution or the State to take action against me in the courts for anything that I had written that caused them libel, defamation or privacy problems.

I had posted the blogpost at 9.45 am on 10 Janary 2016 and gone to work and a very strange thing happened. A car pulled up and inside sat Mr Gurpal Singh Tiwana (Paul) who had discontinued his ‘friendship’ with me and had not replied to my last text in July. I had never told him where I work but the way his car arrived he knew exactly where to find me. He had come specially to see me for he did not purchase anything from the shop nor ask any other questions but those relating to my welfare and what I was doing. After he left the shop I was intrigued as to why he would do such a thing and wondered if the State had sent him thinking this poor man needs our care now:

I therefore sent him a text on Mobile phone as follows:

Sun 10 Jan 2016 Me: It was good to see you when you came to visit me at the newsagency where I worked. I thought you never wanted any contact with me. So what made you change your mind. Still I hope you will give me a reference for my job application with Hermes?

There was no reply, so this had to be probed. When I got home I sent him an email:

Subject: Reference

Hello Paul, can you confirm that you are willing to give me a reference in my job application at Hermes as discussed today? Incidentally, is your Mobile Number still 0772 0094986? Shan

On receipt of this email, he immediately replied both by email and by text:

Email: On Sunday, 10 January 2016, 13:32, GURPAL SINGH TIWANA <> wrote: Yes if required as a self employed courier they don't ask for references it's not their policy. Sent from my iPhone


GST: 1334: Was just glad to see you working again.

Me: 1345: I have been working since March. The present owners give me more sporadic hours of work. But I only get £6 per hour for my early morning work addressing newspapers and £5 per hour for Till work during the day. How did you find India this time?

GST: 1.46: Changed a lot.

Me: They are predicting that India may become the fourth largest economy even overtaking the UK. I bet your house there is now worth a fortune?

GST: 13.52 Probably, never thought about it.

Me: 13.57 We have a flat that my parents purchased in Kolkata in a desirable location but my younger sister has grabbed it. It must be worth 60-80 lakhs now. I am hoping to visit it during our next travels.

He did not continue with the conversation. When I checked my email he had replied there too.


On Sun, 10/1/16, Shan Panigrahi <> wrote: Subject: Re: Reference To: "GURPAL SINGH TIWANA" <> Date: Sunday, 10 January, 2016, 15:41 Paul 1. Please draft me a letter of recommendation as a reference that I can send with my CV with all my future job applications, as follows: From:Mr Gurpal Singh TiwanaArea Manager, HermesNares RoadParkwoodRainhamKent TO POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS OF MR SHANTANU PANIGRAHI This document certifies that I have known Mr Shantanu Panigrahi of 3 Hoath Lane, Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent ME8 0SL for several years both as a colleague at Sherlodge Garage Petrol Station where we worked together and in a personal capacity as a friend. Mr Panigrahi was always a good colleague to have worked with and a person who always paid good attention to the quality of his work that he conducted diligently, reliably and honestly. He was a hard worker who demonstrated exceptional customer service skills. He managed the premises that he was given charge of during lone working effectively with very good business management skills. He was always a good team player who showed concern on getting along with his colleagues and management. As his curriculum vitae shows he is a very qualified and experienced person with a good character who will be an asset to any company that he works for. He has also been a good family friend who would go out of his way to provide assistance when it was required. 2. Paul, please draft the above in a Word document and send it back to me as an email attachment. Thanks Shan

He immediately sent me an attachment document in Word with the above contents and the following covering email

On Sunday, 10 January 2016, 16:04, G TIWANA <> wrote:

Hi Shan I have done what you have asked for, hope it meets your satisfaction All the best GurpalTiwana

I sent the Referene document to Medway Council immediately by forwarding a longstanding correspondence on a Job Application that I had not heard anything about, and then returned to reply to Paul for I wanted to see how long he would be interested in keeping our conversation going since the texting had come to an end:

Sent from my iPhone

On 10 Jan 2016, at 18:12, Shan Panigrahi <> wrote:


I wanted to know if you would give me an accurate reference because when the last time I asked you nearly a year and half ago, you were not convinced that I was looking for a job seriously as you thought I was spending too much time on my Blog. Did you get a chance to review some of the things that I have written since?


Reference (7)

On Sunday, 10 January 2016, 18:16, GURPAL SINGH TIWANA <> wrote:

Isn't this what you wanted me to send back to you as you asked for me to do?

I haven't seen anything on your sites i'm sorry to say.

-------------------------------------------- Text:

Me 18.48 What time do you start work every day Paul?

GST: 18.51: I try to get to my job in Ashford by 8 am.

Me: 18.55 I sent your reference letter to Medway Council in relation to lasty year’s application for a job. Is it OK for the Council to contact you if it needs any clarification?

Me: Sorry Paul, I got the date wrong, it was 7 October 2014 not last year.

GST: 19.15 Yes it is fine.

Me: 19.31 I wrote to the Council today to register my protest at its delay in considering my job application. Your timely letter came in very useful as it shows the high regard with which I am treated in society. So thanks for the support.

He did not reply. At nearly 9.45 pm I decided that his email had to be attacked: so sent him the following email:

Reference (7)

Shan Panigrahi <>



Jan 10 at 9:54 PM


1. As I explained to you by text I needed the reference letter to cover all the elements that I have outlined. It is for you to use your own knowledge to modify what I have written and send me the reference that you consider accurately reflects my expertise, knowledge and experience. The reason I mentioned my Blog ( ) is that you can study it and take all the relevant facts into account in drafting your letter of reference. The reference letter has to be in your own words. I must not put any words of my own into your letter of reference.

2. Please urgently send me a new version of your letter that you consider is accurate so that I can use it in all my future job applications without worrying about what you might say later by way of clarification of any of the issues should any prospective employer contact you for more information about me.


He did not reply and I did not pursue the matter.

The email that I had sent to Medway Coucil with the Reference from Paul was as follows:

Vacancies BSD/14/4835: Minute Taker


Today at 5:30 PM


Resourcing Team,

HR Services,

Gun Wharf,

Dock Road,


Kent, ME4 4TR.

Tel: 01634 332878

By Email:

10 January 2016

Dear Sir/Madam

1. I forward to you my correspondence to express my disappointment at not receiving any further information concerning my application for these vacancies. I was hoping that in view of my longstanding and regular service to Medway Council in its Electoral Services Department (since 2005) my application would be given priority consideration.

2. It may be possible that the lack of progress is due to the reference No 2 (Mr Sathi, Temple Farm Limited) which has been the subject of legal proceedings until recently. I am therefore attaching another reference letter that I have received today from Mr Gurpal Singh Tiwana.

Yours sincerely

Mr Shantanu Panigrahi

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On Tuesday, 7 October 2014, 10:25, Shan Panigrahi <> wrote: