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God reads only your heart, not the religious texts that guide you

Posted on April 23, 2013 by shantanup

From what I have studied over a long period of time and realised recently is that the personal indwelling God in us only judges us on the nature of our hearts that we as human beings possess, not on the basis of which if any of the religious texts people around the world use as their religions to guide them in life. I sincerely believe that God will come and make his presence felt to those whose hearts are in the right place. This means that people who question their beliefs however they came to imprint in their minds are favoured by God in life.

This does not mean that the religious texts are to be abandoned as nonsense and contributing nothing of value to one’s quest for purpose in life, but for peace and contentment the heart of the individual overrides or takes precedence over the words contained in religious texts that a person may use for guidance. One can even be an atheist of very good heart and find contentment in life. The contentment that one reaches depends on the heart that the individual possesses and it is possible to change one’s heart towards being a better human being. This only really happens from a steadfast devotion to knowledge acquisition and truth-accommodation.

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