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God’s instructions to stop clock checking for messages

Posted on May 18, 2014 by shantanup

Today is a major turning point in my life as God has made it very clear to me that I must not clock-check for specific messages of guidance from Him any more. What I used to do to receive God’s guidance has been blogged here: Now I am required to live like a mere mortal and see how that goes. During the past four months in particular I was engaged in intensive work to check out the operation of the British Justice System and understand how it works. This work was only accomplished through detailed clock-checking for guidance from God on what actions I should be taking in all my major involvements. I thought that clock checking for messages could become a permanent thing for me now that I had found a way to live according to God’s wishes for me. But this evening it has been made abundantly clear that this was only a passing phase in my life. God has effectively forbidden me from any further clock checking for guidance on my major actions including what I write and blog in my website. He had attempted to stop me from clock checking earlier but I found reasons to continue with the process as I had not fully secured my objectives that I had in my involvements. Part of this was to study God’s nature. My temptation to attain perfection in what I did and wrote got me to continue with the practice. Now I cannot ignore God’s instructions for me any more. So I have promised God that come what may I will not go to seek guidance from Him on whatever bothers me in my life. I am required to live like a human being for the rest of my life.

This evening’s instruction from God for me to stop clock checking for messages may or may not be an indication that God has rejected my continuing advances to Him as a source of intelligence and wisdom that I have benefitted from enormously in the past. I have attained major achievements through the process that I am proud of. So I felt that it was only right that I should continue with seeking God’s guidance for me. But God has said No, for his own reasons that I can only speculate on. I am to live without further assistance from Him. I must resist all temptations to clock check in the future. So I have this evening promised Him that come what may, I will never do any more clock checking for messages of guidance.

I have learnt what I could from God. These were revelations. There is nothing further to learn from Him that He wants me to know. I am what I have updated myself with from all those months and years of clock checking of my actions and writings. Clock checking will prove meaningless from here on.

So significant is this turning point in terms of what I do in my future life that I needed to blog this on my satya-advaita blogsite immediately upon the realisation of what I am required to do.

Date and time of posting: 18 May 2014, 9.27pm-9.31 pm British Summer Time.

26 July 2014 Update: I returned to advaitic clock checking several times since this post when I felt desperately in need of having my thoughts checked by God before acting and looking for messages from Him in case I needed to act urgently in a particular way when dealing with very tricky situations. God did come and help me again and again when I needed him to do so. But today I feel that I have come to the end of my mission as I do not wish to write any more new blogs and tweets unless I need to from requests or prompts by others. So I am once again terminating clock checking of my actions and going on to satya-advaitic mode of living this time on my own free will to live like a free man, free of my attachment of Him. 19.48 hours British Summer Time.

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