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God’s Role in Human Mental Illness

The premise of my theory on the aetiology of human mental illness is that humanity functions through the operation of a consciousness that acts upon the human mind at all times and which generates the thoughts and beliefs of the individual. This is to say that human mental activity is partly abiological in that it is not a purely genetically-derived attribute of the body. By biological I mean that which can be directly attributed to the functionality of the genes.

The mind is a special place in the human body where we interact with another dimension of human existence, the consciousness dimension. The Consciousness dimension is a special creation of God. In the mind human instincts that are biologically-derived in terms of the need to survive in the natural environment meet the paranormal thoughts generated by the consciousness entity and we humans thereby become just pawns in our activities from the directions received from this entity which is therefore largely responsible for what happens on this Earth. Further, beyond consciousness there is the Creator who we know as God. He can override the consciousness entity and bring about special developments and changes that He would like to see in the way humanity functions and thus actively directs the future of the planet Earth. Human mental illness is therefore entirely the result of a process of the play of consciousness upon the biological instinct of the animal and beyond that of God’s interference and interjection in the process so that ultimately God alone is responsible for our non-survival behaviours rather than human behaviour being purely a biological phenomena.

Beyond the instinctive need to survive that is under genetic governance all other animal activities are under paranormal guidance. This generates the diversity of humanity and animal life and gives rises to all that is seen as abnormal behaviour. The consciousness has been termed by me to be guna-consciousness which has three sources of intensities: sattvic (piously-good), rajasic (normal) and tamasic (evil), producing saintly, normal and devilish human beings respectively. The activities of saints and devils can be regarded variously as mental illnesses that society considers needs to be treated through medication or by the incarceration of the individual in hospitals and prisons to keep them away from society at large.

Crucially, God can override the normal functioning of the guna-consciousness and Himself get human beings to do particular things by commandeering them. These people are known to be avatars and will suffer from a mental illness because they will not be able to live the rajasic lifestyle of routinal and morally-indifferent activities. The commandeering can take place of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic individuals. This means that God can get tamasic people to perpetrate their evil deeds if it suits a wider purpose of God, namely to restore dharma. However, only sattvic individuals (who seek truth) will be able to realise the existence of God, and that only if commandeered by Him to do so. These are therefore unique individuals.

Thus, one way or the other, human mental illness is either under automatic control of the guna-consciousness that a particular genetic condition and upbringing is suited to or is under direct control of God as the perpetrator-in-chief.

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