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Gods of Guna Consciousness

Posted on March 9, 2015 by shantanup

In the Hindu conception of gods, these are real deities that exist in Consciousness. The consciousness is differentiated into the guna triad where Brahma (sattivic), Vishnu (rajasic) and Shiva (tamasic) sit in three corners of a triangle. In between these three major triad deities there is scope for milllions of gods each one possessing a different blend of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic attributes. Each person is subjected to the guna consciousness energy stream as inputs into his or her mind. An individual however is attracted to only the god that is suited to his or her mental disposition so that he/she creates or adopts the myths and beliefs associated with that particular blend of attributes. A person is therefore creating his own god through an interaction with guna consciousness in a two-way process. It give each Hindu person his or her own rudder to guide his or her life. Even atheists have a god but of course they do not accept that a god is in fact guiding them. Over history particular gods get into prominence through interactions in society where their reputations are made. So Hindus have perhaps 20 major deities that have a significant following. Thus, each person in Hinduism is entitled to choose his or her particular god and all gods are accepted within Hinduism. To be a Hindu one needs to accept that it is polytheistic way of life that has many religions in this regard. In my personal opinion if one cannot accept the polytheism of Hinduism it is not appropriate to call that person a Hindu.

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