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Google: complete advertiser identity verification

Complete advertiser identity verification

If you are selected to undergo advertiser identity verification, you will receive an email and an in-account notification with instructions. Do not apply for advertiser identity verification for Google Ads accounts we have not requested.

If you intend to run election ads you must complete election ads verification instead. Accounts that have only completed advertiser identity verification will not be able to run election ads.

The steps required to complete advertiser identity verification for certain Google Ads accounts may differ, depending on your account and structure, your billing setup, and if you are advertising on behalf of an organization or individual. Learn more about advertiser identity verification.

Please select one of the following for detailed instructions. You can check your payments setup here.

I am an advertiser, representing myself or my organization

I am an agency, advertising on behalf of an organization or individual

The agency I represent owns the payments profile associated with the Google Ads account

My client owns the payments profile associated with the Google Ads account

I have a Google Ad Grants account


Ads run by advertisers who complete advertiser identity verification will contain a disclosure using the information provided during the verification program. This means that your name, or the name of the organization or business you represent, and country, will be displayed in a disclosure that is automatically generated by Google. Find out more about Advertiser transparency and disclosures.

Need help?

If you have questions about our policies, contact us.

To Google:

You need to clarify what you mean by my Account will be paused if I do not advertise? do you mean that the contents of the website will no longer be in the public domain for public display. I do not have any need to advertise this at the moment while the District Judge is still considering the Costs to be awarded in respect of Claim E35YM660 of the Central London County Court where I am seeking damages and compensation of £15 million sterling against an array of institutions, and personnel for bullying, harassing and intimidating me over a very long period of time that seeks to pervert justice through obstruction of justice in ways that pervert the course of justice. So if you can please clarify what it is you need from me now so that I can make notes for the District Judge in accordance with the email that I received this late afternoon from Ms Adele Miller representing the Prime Minister and Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA) I can contact His Honour this evening itself, whilst Ms Adele decides whether to give me her Bank Account Number and Bank Sort Code for the crediting of £10 per month pending the District Judge's final decision on Claim Disposal.

Thank you Google

You have been very helpful to me, and I am grateful for that, honestly.


Thanks for your feedback! 17.32 pm hours (UK-Time) 29 March 2021

Your identity has been verified


Google Ads <>

21:08 (0 minutes ago)

to me

Your Customer ID: 577-167-4966

Sign in

Google Ads

Your identity has been verified


Your ad disclosures will display your verified name and country. Learn more

Ads account: 577-167-4966

Payments profile: 8083-9911-8718

Name: Shantanu Panigrahi

Location: United Kingdom


The Google Ads Team

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