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How does God regulate life on Earth?

The Supreme takes an interest in everything and has affected the evolution of life on Earth in fine detail. This means that all of abiogenesis, evolution, the geology of the Earth, the Solar system etc over billions of years has been regulated by God. But in these incidents we cannot see the hand of God in producing these effects. When he interferes in individual human lives the person can see the interference. And at times these interferences are monumental in their significance for mankind because He does his work through avatars who become very famous and attract a lot of followers. These are extra-ordinary extra-special interferences in the continuation of life.

The starting point however is to consider the often discussed Sakaar and Nirakaar forms of God in Hinduism: which gives rise to the other? Nirguna Brahma gives rise to Saguna Brahma or is it the other way round. I believe that Sri Krishna is living God personality that gives rise to Nirguna Brahma as Consciousness and this is what regulates humanity through our thoughts. This is what is known as Brahman:

Janmadyasya yata nvayadi tarata scarthe sva vinjnah swarat Tene brahma hrida ya adikavaye muhyanti yat surayah Tejo varimrudam yatha vinimayo yatra trisargo mrisa Dhamna svena sada nirasta kuhakam Satyam param dheemahi”

We meditate upon That Transcendent Reality from whom this universe springs up, in Whom it abides and into Whom it returns, Who is invariably present in all existing things and distinct from all the non entities, for He is Self conscious and “self effulgent, Who by His mere Will, revealed the Vedas to Brahma (the very first seer) about which the greatest sages are even bewildered, in Whom this threefold creation (consisting of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) though unreal appear to be real, even as the sun’s rays made up of fire are mistaken for water in a mirage and Who eternally excludes Maya by His own self effulgent glory.

God has not created a natural order with natural forces that enable evolution of plants and animals and left it alone and gone away so that there is no need for God anymore. The Consciousness mechanism is vital for it has divine, semi-divine and evil aspects (the threefold creation consisting of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) which He manipulates as necessary to restore equilibrium in human societies and in plant and animal life more generally. The ‘Will’ that is mentioned in this scripture is a reference to Lord Sri Krishna.

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