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How I sought God’s Guidance and received it

Posted on May 5, 2014 by shantanup

The reason that I am today alive with dignity that I feel I have achieved for myself as a human being is that as I gradually got convinced through the clock-checking advaitic mechanism that I developed for communications with God that God was real and genuinely wanted to help me in my quest for the truth and truth accommodation, I submitted myself to the will of God in everything important that I did and was engaged in. I have maintained a diary as a record of how I sought God’s Guidance and acted on it without harbouring any doubts that it constituted a genuine conversation with God. The clock checking mechanism is described in full here: A sighting of ‘7’ (for example 8.17 am is a ‘7’) was a message that I had to act on something important in a particular way, with the rest of the numbers of 1-9 meaning no action was required or OK to what I was proposing to do on some matter.

God has helped me immensely through such communications. It is a method of checking one’s thoughts with God’s advice. It means that He is within us and can make us think in certain ways. Indeed, it demonstrates that God lives our lives as human beings and is in full control. The individual does not realise that this is the case, so incredibly the interference in our thoughts is hidden from our minds. It required me to approach God through the device of a digital clock to get Him to make His existence known to me in no uncertain manner. It was 100 per cent reliable when it mattered to the issue that I was engaged in in my material existence.

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