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In satya-advaita one must always have the last word in charting the truth

The path of truth is divinely blessed by the Creator and Preserver. Satyaadvaita is the process for attaining the highest form of existence that is consistent with Reality, that is to say the Ultimate Reality and its manifestations.

The determination of truth requires studies especially of human interactions for in that Ultimate Reality one sees that human interactions are not their biologically-determined responses to external stimuli but are the results of guna-consciousness deities planting thoughts into the minds of those pursuing their agendas as they proceed through their lives. It is the manifestation of the guna-consciousness led human activity that frequently causes human beings to suspect conspiracy theories between humans when it is not organised by humans at all but are the result of the mental directives from deities contained in the guna-consciousness triad that guide the individuals to realise their personal objectives. When the whole nation is following a particular set of values as for example Nazism or Zionism or Britishness, one might suspect that there are secret societies in these groupings that one would describe as the Establishment of the nation which physically manipulates all the institutions and persons when that is actually not the case and what one sees happening in the material sphere is simply the individual actions of like-minded people directed by their individual deities residing in their minds and belonging to some blend of tamasic, rajasic or sattvic gunas.

It is only the study of human behaviour through one’s life that leads to this realisation of the Vishwaroopa of God as Sri Krishna who is available to the sadhaka to probe reality in order to get to the truth.

Humans are therefore tremendous sources of information to the mind, and it is the comprehension of the information that is thus-acquired that takes one higher and higher into pristine knowledge. The greater knowledge a person has the easier it is for the person to deal with other human beings because the mind is freely charting a path that is blessed by God. And when one reaches the limits of one’s capacity to do the right thing in terms of one’s survival and the attainment of satya-advaitic ideals God will prompt the sadhaka into taking particular actions.

When one seeks the truth and practices truth accommodation, no outcomes are considered as goals. The only goal is the pursuit of truth. One arrives at the truth by clearing ones path: this is achieved by ensuring that no-one has the last word on one. We must have an answer or a response to everything. The sadhaka must have the last word in charting his future even when knowledge is complete and he largely ignores the affairs of the world and recognises it all as the play of guna-consciousness that results in people protecting their own interests. One is then a sanyassi aloof from the world.

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