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Intensification of the severity of Persecution on Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

Hitherto, I give an account of British Justice Explored with God

My experiences between 1998 and 2004 when I lost my cherished job at the University of Greenwich under the charge of gross misconduct had taught me that British Justice heavily favoured the employer and restricted ordinary people from suing bad employers in a court of law for legitimate grievances. This unfortunate finding was repeated when I tried to sue a Shell Company franchisee for whom I worked for a period of two years between 2006 and 2008. As a result I was very disappointed with the British Justice System and being of a religious bent of mind I questioned all along whether there was a God who one might be able to turn to in ones attempt to obtain justice in human affairs. If there was a God how would He come to my assistance was foremost in my mind.

I had an experience of God in 1999 when through the use of digital clock checking of my actions through exchanging messages by which I would interpret God’s suggestions of things that I should be doing. These were my attempts at communicating with God for I considered that if God truly existed He must have in place a method by which He would be able to relate to us humans. His messages to me made me think that He was on my side as I struggled to try and save my reputation in the United Kingdom following the loss of my job at the University of Greenwich. The British medical system did not take kindly to these practices and I ended up spending two spells of time incarcerated in mental hospitals, the first in 2004 for a 3 months period sectioned by the Mental Health Act and the second episode in 2008 when it considered that I had suffered a severe relapse. On both occasions the medical authorities released me soon enough and said that I had been suffering from persistent delusional disorder. Of course I was, for I was forever searching the truth for everything had to be rationalised and understood in the world around us and in the universe. I was put on medication but the cure I found in the end was not through drugs but through knowledge that clarifies the mind of delusions. Knowledge was the counsellor that quelled the mind and made me live normally. I was put on long term Risperidone treatment, which I knew was of little or no benefit to me but I took them to keep the peace at home and it got me Disability Living Allowance from the State Welfare System.

I overcame my depression from these events in my life by going to internet discussion forums and by doing a sales job again in a petrol station near my home, this time working for Sherlodge Garage. In these discussion forums my quest was to intensely search for the truth on all aspects of life from biology to religion for I needed to know whether a God truly existed and if so what was the evidence that He might be forthcoming with to prove this.

In this book I describe my journey of the three years up to 2014 from the time that a person by the internet name of Phands started to harass me over the internet with insults for what I had been writing on issues such as marriage and rape with regard to human relationships between the sexes. When I then received another malicious communication from Mr Nick Clegg (the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) in my blogsite at wordpress, I decided that my right to free speech was being prevented criminally by these individuals and I should test out whether the persons concerned had in fact broken any laws of the United Kingdom by their malicious utterances against me. I was once again fighting for justice and this is where I once again found that God came to my assistance to facilitate my path by getting my strategy and tactics worked out for me on how to move my case forward through the British Justice System. I write this book in order to document this experience of how the British Establishment protects its criminals through a facade of institutions that do nothing more than carry out the wishes of people operating from behind the scenes by manipulating the institutions. These revelations were shown to me by God’s intervention to guide me in my pursuit of justice, and I set out in this book precisely when He got me to do particular things with both the judicial institutions and the political party that was eventually to consider the matter and complete the exposure of how the British Establishment operates.

In the following section of the Book I narrate the essential information relating to experiences that were reported to the State authorities under Greenwich Legalities, Internet Complaint, UKIP Proceedings, and Shell Tribunal.

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