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Knowledge and Revelation

Posted on June 13, 2013 by shantanup

When examining the history of mankind one is often led to the idea that many so-called prophets and messengers of God were so known because they had divine knowledge imparted to them by God, the so called revelation. My experience is that knowledge does not come by ignoring issues about ourselves and of how we are affected. We need to search for the truth. We will not get revelations of right and wrong without this endeavour. I have an understanding today of what is right or wrong. This is very evidently in my case the product of years of truth seeking activities. After a life time of academic studies and research I spent several years in discussion forums studying everything that moved, and lately did the same in Twitter. I measure what religious and political leaders say about important issues by considering them in this light and further develop my knowledge. When one is on the truth path in this relentless way one does receive pristine knowledge that is reliable. This is divine revelation from God as Truth holder. I doubt it very much that in the history of mankind he did anything different to other people whose words have ended up as scriptures or doctrines that we consult today. There is no easy path to knowledge.

It is therefore appropriate to point out that the ‘dharmic life’ can either be imparted through ones religious doctrines, or it can be determined by following a truth-accommodation path in one’s life. If one is not satisfied with what one’s religion is teaching one, one rebels against the imposition of such ideas for one is after freedom of thought and expression which means questioning what the established religions are saying. If this path is chosen one needs to conform to a spiritual practice that I have found very productive and so I am recommended it. I call it satya-advaita (oneness with truth or truth accommodation).

Whereas doctrines of do this or do that, avoid this or that gives one a sense of living a spiritual life based on established religions, and that is sufficient to lead a specific dharmic lives if one is lucky enough to have selected a good religion, it is not truth-seeking and does not help one travel towards knowledge and realisation and will never lead to the experience of God directly in any meaningful way. On the other hand, the truth-accommodation path of knowledge as the comprehension of reality comes from a combination of scientific and scriptural studies and experiencing what life has to offer so that one needs to be free from established religions and find out things for oneself. When one is focussed on this path one examines all questions in intricate detail and one then learns what is right and what is wrong, in other words, dharma. More than that it leads to Realisation of God as being the only answer to all the intricacies of life that one has observed and experienced. This gives real first hand knowledge and a clarity of vision that one describes to be Realisation.

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