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Kubla Katrina Khan fails to inflame position at BP Lenham

Kubla Katrina Khan fails to inflame position at BP Lenham


Shantanu Panigrahi

05:50 (2 hours ago)

When I delivered my inaugural speech in 2016 to the Gillingham and Rainham Constituency Labour Party and then published the listing of 1,750 criminals who have

from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

to: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


Katrina Sale <>,,


date: 1 May 2022, 08:35

subject: Fwd: Kubla Katrina Khan fails to inflame position at BP Lenham


Dear Sirs

This matter jwill just not go away, and as I have already offered my apologies to Kent Police as attached: ToPCPaulNicholls(KentPolce)10ec2021.doc concerning the attached communication: ToKatrinaSale(Conservatives)2Dec2021 with reference to my defence statement that WC Field and PC Evans should have access to (if not please find it attached: DEFENCE STATEMENT ON HARASSMENT.docx) and in line with the communications with the International Criminal Court (ToInternationalCriminalCourt)28Apr2022.docx, I am at your service to assist the Police with its further enquiries.

Please bear in mind that Single Point of Access of the National Health Service has fixed an appointment for me and my wife at Britton House, Gillingham, Kent on 4 May 2022 at 9.45 am to see a Consultant Psychiatrist (possibly Dr Odesanya, my preferred choice), the arrangement having been made by PC Evans in contempt of Medway County Court with regard to the attached Injunction proceedings:at Medway County Court (n16a-engInjunction against Kent Police).pdf for which the Claim number is J00ME572.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel 07967789619

---------- Forwarded message ---------

From: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

Date: Sun, 1 May 2022 at 05:50

Subject: Kubla Katrina Khan fails to inflame position at BP Lenham

To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

When I delivered my inaugural speech in 2016 to the Gillingham and Rainham Constituency Labour Party and then published the listing of 1,750 criminals who have been harassing me since 1998, I did not foresee that a big-whig of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom will fall so easily into my clutches. Your boyfriend collaborator Kubla Khan sending emails from possiblynotarealdoctor90 at yahoo and director at cpolicyforums is identified by PC Evans of Medway Station as being the crook who sent an email in my name to BP making threats, of which I have had a copy.

As an imitator of Mahatma Gandhi and a Master of Escapology who eluded and evaded all the hundreds of traps set for me by the British State of Morons, starting with the other wicked witch from the University of Greenwich I can guarantee to you that your attempts to get me framed by buccaneering state stooges and actors are doomed to failure and only will make more certain that I will ultimately get my judgment reward in the courts of International Justice and Public Opinion, of ten or could be twenty million pounds of compensation.

My card I can always play is that I have medical written opinions from Britton House and the psychologist at that there are at least two Dr Shantanu Panigrahis as occurs in paranoid

schizophrenia and you can never be sure beyond any reasonable doubt that the correct one is being convicted. There is a Night-Time Shantanu who is not connected to the daytime Swami, Shantananda Satya-Vishishta-Advaita and incarnate of Lord Krishna Supreme Controller of the present Universe. All these agents fell directly into my trap when they stole the four devices none of which I ever used for nocturnal proceedings.

As I wrote earlier in this week to the peons at the County Courts, Central London and Medway, I succeeded in using the Mental Health excuses so as to withstand calumnies and persecution over those 24 years, that I had at all times been in full control of all my mental faculties and am not mentally disordered in any way, the persistent delusional disorder diagnosis by foolish and incompetent doctors like Dr Sudhindra (Sudhir) Patel of Wigmore Medical Centre and consultant psychiatrists like Dr Bhatt, Dr Michael SLAMM Kingham who inadvertently disclosed to me his evil plans, Dr Odesanya and others who have no grasp or conception of how the Supreme Mind works independent of the brain and its apparent intellect.

Like a child the janbhosadiwale suar kamine Nicholls asked me, if it wasn't me responsible, how does the sender know all my details, numbers, correspondences? I did not reply seemingly under advice

from the State-appointed defence lawyer whose services they criminally deprived me of after releasing me. But you are an intelligent girl-woman and know that is why I rush to publish and

tweet everything, so I can always escape by saying, explaining they read my publications, also they bastardise my accounts and read all my emails. That is how "they" know. My wife without understanding too much is helpful and will chime in on a cue about trolls and criminals.

I am now preparing to take you into a protective custody under the case authorisation OTP-CR-76/22 and the pseudo arrest warrant J00ME572 issued on 24 April 2022 by Medway Magistrates because my wife and I believe you committed your crimes against my family with a racial bias because you and your colleagues in the GLD want me to be evicted to Pakistan where I cannot practice my faith or conduct my dharmayudha. This will be fatal to your career prospects and even worse when your superiors learn how much trouble your actions caused for Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson.

I appeal to you to be reasonable and agree with my driver, Paul (Gurpal) Tiwana, for a pickup date and time. Everything will be sweet and you will get 10% of the proceeds of my proceedings. If

you don't avail of this once in a lifetime opportunity, you will lose it and suffer the consequences, and the benefit will pass to Jane East, Jacqui Bachman or someone else.

It was no coincidence that the Serene Lord passed to me all three K's, you, DC Katrine Field and Katie Marshall-Bailey of TLT. You are ahead. It will all be wonderful for both. I await your acceptance with a rising eagerness.

Yours sincerely

Managing Director, The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited

Author, My Large Danda and Other Truth

Swami Shantananda, the Sanest Person who Ever Lived

5 Attachments:





n16a-engInjunction against Kent Police).pdf

Download DOCX • 16KB

Download DOCX • 14KB

Download DOCX • 15KB

Download DOCX • 16KB

Download PDF • 443KB


Automatic reply: EXTERNAL - Fwd: Kubla Katrina Khan fails to inflame position at BP Lenham


from: PSD Complaints Kent <>

to: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

date: 1 May 2022, 08:37

subject: Automatic reply: EXTERNAL - Fwd: Kubla Katrina Khan fails to inflame position at BP Lenham


Signed by:

security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more

: Important according to Google magic.

Thank you for your email. Your correspondence will be reviewed by a member of the department and we will endeavour to respond to your request in a timely manner.

Office hours are 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.

Please call 999 in an emergency. If you need to report a crime, please refer to the Kent Police website, or call 101 to speak to a member of staff in the Force Control Room.

If you would like to submit a new complaint, please use the online form submission on the Kent Police website:

Alternatively, this can be submitted by using the following contact details:

01622 652323

16 Edinburgh Square, Kent Police, Sutton Road, Maidstone, ME15 9BZ

This email and any other accompanying document(s) contain information from Kent Police and/or Essex Police, which is confidential or privileged. The information is intended to be for the exclusive use of the individual(s) or bodies to whom it is addressed. The content, including any subsequent replies, could be disclosable if relating to a criminal investigation or civil proceedings. If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or other use of the contents of this information is prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately by contacting the sender or telephoning Kent Police on 01622 690690 or Essex Police on 01245 491491, as appropriate. For further information regarding Kent Police’s or Essex Police’s use of personal data please go to or Additionally for our Terms and Conditions please go to or


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