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Lazy days

Since about January 2006 I had become very lazy and did not have the energy to do much. To counter this I started going for a run in the mornings but found that I was unable to run more than 50 yards at a time so that the running became a walk of about half an hour. Rashmi moaned from time to time that I did not do anything about the house, like gardening and was just sitting and watching television or sleeping. I was concerned about that too but my mind and muscles seemed tired all the time, and I tried to sleep these off. I had also developed a runny nose and wondered whether these were symptoms that my mental state had degenerated to another stage or if I was suffering from a form of chronic schizophrenia; or if it was simply a sign that I had resigned from life awaiting the next thing to happen.

I suffered from impotence for a period of about six to eight months and got the doctors to prescribe me Viagra tablets in order to fulfill my duties towards my wife.

Rashmi arranged for us to go to India in December 2006 which was also too daunting for me to contemplate as we no longer had my father in Kolkata to stay with. My father had passed away in December 2004 and Rashmi's father passed away in the summer of 2006. It was planned that after staying in a hotel for a few days we would travel to Bhubaneswar to stay with her family. Her brother would come to Kolkata to meet us there and book us into a hotel.

In July 2006 Rashmi arranged hosting a Spanish teenage girl for 3 weeks in our house. It proved to be quite a challenging task but she did these things for additional earnings and in order to keep her interest in life. I cooperated and the task went smoothly. Rashmi also did some additional invigilation work at Rupa's school to earn some extra money.

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